First name for the last name Cheng?

I’m a Taiwanese, so I am unable to write well. Please pardon me if I make any mistakes. Thanks.
My original first name is Mark. But I dislike its meaning:a warlike and aggressive person. Besides, it also sounds nicer if the first name is more than 1 syllable (just private view). Anyway, I would like to change…

I like Ethan the best. Jasper I think of a cowboy, western, rugged kind of thing. Lukas is nice, I would spell it Lucas though. Ethan is my favorite though, and a name I am considering for if I have a boy.

Ethan Cheng sounds very good too.

I like the three names that you already have. But I’m in between for Jasper and Lukas…there both awesome names :] one of those two.

I like Jasper, it is more original , I like Luke but not Lukas, and I don’t really like the name Ethan…

Jasper or Ethan are nice names

Ethan is my favorite from your choices…=)
It flows well with Cheng…..Ethan Cheng…sounds great!

Spencer Cheng
Jeremy Cheng
Donovan Cheng
Christopher Cheng
Shane Cheng

I dislike sounds like a cats name.

Maybe you should change your name to Matthew.

I dont know if you know what those names mean but i will tell you:

Jasper means Treasurer
Lukas means From Lucania
Ethan means Frim, Strong

I like Ethan 🙂

Aaron – exalted; means high in rank, character, or status
Michael – God
Ethan – strong, firm
Joshua – God rescues
Daniel – God is my judge
Alexander – defending men (protecting men)
Anthony – worthy of praise
William – will, protection
Christopher – Bearer of Christ
Matthew – gift of God
Joseph – he will enlarge
David – beloved
John – God is graciuos
Nathan – God has given

Hope it helps.

I am good at this. However, I like unique names. So my suggestion would be Devon. Pronounce – deh-von

I like Ethan.

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