Forever Alone…I really need help!?

Hey guys…
So first of all, I go to a small school, we literally only have ten couples there, they are ALL my age eighth-grader, freshman, sophomore somewhere in there not comfortable sharing more. At my school, the older kids are too busy with college apps to worry about dating, so everyone seems to have their…

You sound pretty young to be considering yourself “forever alone.” I know what it’s like going through school and seeing everyone around me dating… and it can really get to you when you’re not a part of it. I get the fact that you want someone to be with, and there are particular people you wish you were with but you need to get out of that mentality because being a teenager isn’t all about dating. I’m 19 and I have been rejected many times and still haven’t had a solid relationship; which used to drive me crazy but now I think about how many guys I still haven’t met and eventually I will find someone. And I’m not saying wait around for “The one” to find you, I’m saying you’re young and you have PLENTY of time for dating. Stop worrying so much about it and have fun being a teenager!

Well I wouldn’t recommend this but if you really want a bf that bad be a little sluttier unfortunately lots of guys like sluts

You’re not “forever alone”. You’re not even half way through your life. You have years and years and years.

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