Have you noticed how the insightful, relevant questions are normally from Democrats on Yahoo Answers?

I did a quick research based on the questions asked in the Politics section and found this to be true.

The asinine, hateful, abusive and non relevant questions are normally put forward by crazed Conservatives….

Just an observation…..

You’re 100% correct.

Republikkkans are deranged, willfully ignorant, violent, racist psychos who’d set the whole world on fire if there was one more dollar in it.

Have you ever spent any time in the Deep South? I was born and raised there. People there are actually proud of being racist, hateful morons. It’s a badge of honor! It’s not the least bit shocking that if the South didn’t exist, the Republikkkan party would have the clout of a modern day Zooastrian.

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I hadn’t noticed that. So I did a quick research based on questions and answers in the politics section.. and found that only the least intelligent and least educated people on this site would believe Democrats capable of insightful or relevant questions.


I’ve also noticed how as republicans become more extreme in their fear, hate and misinformation, their party’s numbers are dwindling. They’re so consumed with hate they’ve become blind.

It’s now possible democrats could win the presidency, the senate and the house because most Americans are sick of the GOP idiots.

Care to share your research methodology? From my observations, most people are trolls and then both Conservatives and Liberals asking stupid questions. The only half decent people on here are independents and moderates.


do you mean question like
“How come c0nservatives show absolutely no outward signs of intellect?”


“Why is Bush the worst president over the last 200yrs?”

or better

“Are cons mad because Romney isn’t a Messiah?”

Really “insightful” questions, aren’t they?

a direct feed to msnbc
intercoursed headed liberals

Not at all

I notice dems/libs use rants then ask ‘why or why not?’ as if that qualifies it as a legitimate question

I guess you noticed that since you are a Democrat. No bias on your part, is there???

And, the fox news channel says their viewers are intelligent.

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