How can you choose or convert to a religion?

If there is only one true god, as all religions I’m familiar with preach, how can you choose or convert to a religion? People often choose a religion based on personal preference. If there is only one god, you don’t get to choose or convert. Your stuck with him. Chime in with an answer that makes logical…

You don’t choose religion as there is no need for it, plus, you should never allow yourself to be converted

Let me make it clear that I am a Christian.

Having said that, I can still say that religion is an invention of man, not God. God gave us His word, and as we have with almost everything else we have been blessed with, we have perverted it to suit our purposes. Religious branches have injected rules into their churches that have nothing to do with scripture. They have molded it and misinterpreted it to suit their own desires. The word of God is black and white and yet religion has offered the world shades of gray. It is little wonder atheists are so bitter.

There is only one God. He is a loving God that gave us all the choice, the free will, to believe in Him or not. A person doesn’t need religion to love God.

I think that most people who leave a religion do so because of a disagreement with leadership rather than with the doctrine. The wave of Catholics who became evangelicals due to the Catholic Church’s pounding on divorces is one example. Those who divorced and remained faithful Catholics were generally handled more lovingly by the priests and tribunals than those who left.

Of all my friends who have left the Catholic Church (and there are many), only one had a disagreement with theology – actual core issues of faith. The others disliked the Church’s social teaching on homosexuality but had no qualms elsewhere – consequently they’re either not attending church or they joined ELCA – which they call “Catholic Lite”. Of those who’ve converted to the Catholic Church, it’s either that they weren’t really into their faith but found a parish that had lively worship and enjoyed the many charity opportunities, while one or two honestly disagreed with their church of origin’s teaching on something but found what they felt was the correct answer in the Catholic Church’s teaching.

You’re right, all do preach. It is sometimes easy to douby and say are these religions even real or are they all just made up? To find this answer, look at history. Christianity is the earliest “relgiion” (its not even a religion, its a relationship with Jesus Christ) ever recorded. Many of these other religions came to be because they wanted to copy Christianity and only change it a little to make it their own way. So to answer your question, christianity is really the only true and real religion out there.

I’m just going to stick with the being “blind” part of this as we all are blind until a religion is found. One just wants to find a religion that fits or gets closer to God or one that has a more logical belief than other religions. We are all taught religion, it’s your decision to choose what’s best, that suits your faith and belief.
And Oscar Meyer spells it: b o l o g n a

I have never known anyone to be successful at choosing a religion for themselves to include Atheism. It’s good for a year or two but after that the sheer falseness of it gets old. Most people who get anything out of religion go where they are called to go.

The very nature of religion is for something outside of yourself. This is not compatible with some personal preference. Religion is not entertainment. Though there is a great deal of fellowships that try to cater to those who want to join a country club.

Converting is normally an act by a person who believes they way he/she has been religiously acting towards the one God is wrong. Most of the major religions know in the world are polytheist however, there are still many religions around that believe in more than one god still.

The one true God you are talking about is the same God over all the religions that are polytheist, converting is just acting in a different manner, believing differently about prophets or demigods. Not really believing in a different god.

The thing is, none of the gods people claim are The One True Godâ„¢ gave any proper evidence of their existence. One can always say “well, to me THAT makes more sense that THIS” and you can’t argue against their position, because their position isn’t based on anything objective.

Does my answer make any sense?

Well you don’t know your religions. There are some that don’t believe in the concept of a single god. And people usually covert when they begin to realize certain things or when belonging to a specific religion does not feel right.

Your question seems to indicate that you are not comfortable with your current religion or lack of one. Religion should be viewed not so much as a way to worship G-d, but as a way of life. In mine, Judaism, most of the laws are meant to govern my day to day existence, how I treat my fellow man and how I view myself; and in following them, I show proper reverence to Him. Even those laws that are ‘between man and G-d’ are mostly to put me in my proper place, to make me realize that I’m not ‘king of the hill’.

Asking your question with the restriction of “…outside of the confines of your religious faith” is like asking to describe a lemon without using the words yellow and sour. It just can’t be done!

Bottom line, you don’t need to convert to any religion, you need to be the best person you can be. That is the best way to worship Him, whoever He is to you.

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