How do I cope, my mom is dying of cancer?

I’m 18 and my mom is dying of pancreatic cancer, today hospice came and set up a bed, it became very real at that point, I recently started jogging a lot, I guess I use it kinda like therapy it helps but theres still so much to deal with…help please?

xxxiv,This is a hard one,I know when my mom died I went kinda into shock,but you have to wake up dust off and do the things that need to be done, I hope you have other family support. First I’d like to say a prayer for you and your mom,Dear Lord I do not really know these people but I know you do, Please Lord put your healin Handnd on this mother and heal the parts of her body that are beiattackeded by disease,give her peace on this journey, Lord we don’t know what your plans for her are but it will be your will, not ourJust allow her motheBBo be at peace of mind and take the pain, Lord for it’s way too much for her and her daughter to take,Lord for the daughter there by her mom’s side at the worst possible time in her life, give her the strength, the peace of mind patent’snt’s and the love that she needs now in her time of sorrow. We ask these things in the Holy name of your son Christ Jesus. AMEN. Your mom is a lucky person she has her lodaughterhter there by her side to help Thurthru this hardest time in her life, you are a big comfort in her life right now and I know that she has to love you very much, just as you must Love her vdeeplyeply to want to be there at this time in both of your lives. You probably will not have timeGroverive until it’s all over because there”s just to many other things you have to handle and deal with. I wish you the very best and the blessings that the Lord has for you. Hang in there and if you need somme one to talk to you can contact me at any TimmieBest Wishes Rita V

I’m sooo sorry! Do you have a grief counselor you can talk to? Ask the hospice people to refer you to someone. You are essentially your mom’s caregiver and they should be able to help you through the coming months. Why not also contact The American Cancer Society? They should have groups that meet around the country. Also, try the Meetup Groups in your area.

I can’t imagine what you and you’re mom are going through. I’m soooo sorry!

I lost my sister in July and when Hospice came, she was with us for only 5 days. Spend all the time you can with your Mother and let her know how much you care and love her. Have the Chaplin come everyday, it’s very comforting to have someone to talk to and pray with. I feel for you and know everything your going through, it’s not easy but try and be strong for your Father. Family needs to stick together in times like this. God Bless!

Hospice should have some resources available to help you cope with this awful situation. Ask the hospice nurse if your family can get some counseling. As for the rest, only time can heal.

I am sorry for your mother’s illness. I hope that she passes peacefully and comfortably.

Well you know you need to focus on making your mom comfortable now.
This will be a hard time but don’t make it about you.
She needs 100% support right now.
You will have time to grieve later.
Jog , read , pray, anything to help you cope.
But focus your energy on her would be my advice.
It helps the healing process later.

Edit: one of the disadvantages of asking on here is you get pr!cks like that Jessie answering. Ignore the ignorant.

try and keep her comfortable and happy in her final day’s…..the kemo is what made her worse… if she would have seeked natural healing… she would of lived allot longer. It’s still not to late… if your family has the means… then i suggest trying to help her through natural healing.. I personally know dozens of people who opted not to go through the tradition kemo and go through a natural healing process.. and are cancer free now.

good luck

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