How do you think Obama will react if we have another 911 attack by radical Islamic terrorists?

Hed probably do everything George W Bush wanted, but do it with a Defense Stimulus. The Defense Stimulus would have hidden legislation to appoint the Defense people to carious firearms plants that go against his alleged Anti Gun policy, but would be overseen by one of his people.

His press conference would be called off it would be signed in secret EXACTLY LIKE BUSH… kind of like what I said in the First place.

He would then try to make peace with each Middle Eastern country as middle name Hussein AGAIN and again they would laugh at him, and we may even try a second time. They do not want it so we would have to give 1) Support 2) Order 3) Governments.

In the meantime, wed be talking about Healthcare….

and it would do an EXXCELLENT JOB of taking attention AWAY from the ECONOMY!!!




Also an excellent time to propose giving MORE Taxpayer money to Homosexuals as the missiles hit “Parts of the country that didnt vote for me anyway. Hahaha.” (Laugh, smile, look down…. Funny Guy.)

No President Obama shouldn’t renounce nor be impeached. Say what you will approximately Barack however the forty second and forty third Presidents the two had a terrorist attack, the two on the WTC, the two supposedly by a similar guy, in under a decade from one yet another. upload hypothesis suitable to the 9/11 value that Bush had archives preserving an instantaneous probability in August,September, or October. i might say we did no longer impeach Bush nor could we Obama.

Ofcourse he will react by going after them; only this time with real stated intentions of going after them; not using their attacks as a pretext to wage more adventures around the world. Obama will also get to the root cause of the issue which is our foreign policy that has contributed to the radicalization of some muslims.

Don’t forget that most of the terrorist that have attacked us are from Saudi Arabia; a kingdom that our presidents past have called our great ally. The only real ally we have there is the corrupt king, and not the ordinary Saudis. If the ordinary Saudis had their chance they would line us all up and shoot us with guns. That is because of our foreign policy of supporting the King’s oppresive reign and the existence of our military bases in their holy land. If you want to stop the radicalization then you have to address the root cause of the problem. If you don’t then you will always see the endless cycle of bloodshed after bloodshed.

With any luck that will never happen. I prefer to spend my time hopping for the best instead of worrying about what would Obama do should it happen. I might not like Obama but I do love our Country and want to see it come out of this mess in one piece.

His government has already set the blame up, it will fall on “the vast right wing conspiracy” and American Soldiers. If you listened to Kerry and Murtha they have already called our troops terrorists and murderers.

First blame Bush, second cower in a corner, third when finished cowering, try to make peace and befriend the foes.

He will smoke a carton of Kool Filter Kings.

His response will be to suggest we’re at fault and to have a dialog with the terrorists.

He will apologize for the oppression they endured under the previous administration…
Blame Bush of course.

Im sure there will be some fist bumping going on

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