How reliable is a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

I am just looking for some same basic reviews of the good and the bad of an Eclipse as far as reliability goes and performance. I have found a lot of reviews but they all talk about the sportyness of the car and not how reliable of a vehicle it is. I am looking to buy between a 2006 and a 2008 automatic eclipse and…

John is incorrect about the 1g, 3g and the 4g Eclipse. They share NO parts with a Chrysler. Although Chrysler styled the EXTERIOR of the 1g (resulting in the best looking Chrysler product EVER made) And manufactured the drivetrain of the 2g L, RS and GS. They had NOTHING to do with the 4g at all. I don’t like it because they are bigger than the 1G I have driven since 1989. It’s a good car. The 4g, maintained by a competent Mitsubishi mechanic is a reliable car.

A 60,000 mile and timing belt service is MAINTENANCE, If the operator ignores that, and runs it until it BLOWS UP, it is pure stupidity.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Reliability

I currently own a 2003 Mitsubishi Spyder GTS. My previous car was a 1991 chevy corvette.

I can tell you this much, if you buy an Eclipse. You will cream your pants. The Eclipse has been called so much crap that is untrue. I will admit the reason i bought mine was the body style. But after driving the HELL out of mine now and not had one single problem AND it was a used car with 75,000 miles on it when i bought it. I would definitly say its a solid vehicle. I love mine, plus mines convertible and its really hot here hehe. And if we wanna talk power, my 91 Vette was needless to say a powerhouse. I wont see that kind of power in any Eclipse. But the GTS does have alot of kick to it. I do alot crazy stupid stuff on the freeway I shouldnt be doing. (road ralley kind of stuff) and I have wasted a Escalade, a Cellica, and alot of other cars i didnt think i could take down with an eclipse.Now im not saying im so good I never lose either. the most humiliating thing ive seen was me getting owned by some type of Jeep SUV….dunno what that was all about lol. But do not underestimate the Eclipse it is fast, It looks hot, and if you know what your doing this car will take you a long way. I dont care how many haters there are, the bottom line is i own one and its legit. Very satisfying vehicle. 🙂

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a reliable car. The only downsides are that if you happen to be taller, leg and head room can become a nuisance. As long as you change the oil every 3k miles, get the car tuned up every 30k miles, and drive it smooth, then you shouldnt have any issues. Since the car has been repossessed, you can try to drive the price down, and if they wont budge, then ask them to fix the bumper if you’re going to pay their asking price.

Well i own a 95 GST and its been an ok car not as reliable as a toyota or honda but it is still a good car. yes most people do go for eclipse because of their look. but since you are thinking of buying between 2006-2008 eclipse then i say go for it cuz its almost a brand new car you should be worried about putting money for repairs into it

I have an 06 GT, and it has been a very reliable car for me. Take it in for the the normal routinely checkups and you should be fine. The only downsides I’ve found are blind spots while backing up, and not really a car for too tall of people. I’m currently installing a camera to help get rid of the blind spots issue

According to the U.S.News Scores, Reliability is a 6.0

U.S.News Scores
Overall: 7.3
Performance: 7.3
Exterior: 8.5
Interior: 6.9
Safety: NA
Reliability: 6.0

From experience, I have owned three of these and never had one of them in the shop for any major repair. Of course once you start buying a used car, no matter how reliable, it is hard to know how good the previous owner took care of it. Without proper maintenance any car can have problems and many of these are hidden. From my own standpoint, I would buy one again. One of them my roommate drove and she got 175,000 miles on it before she sold it to someone who is still driving it today.

I wouldn’t go with a Mitsubishi. Even though they’re Japanese cars, but they just don’t have the same reliability when compared with Honda and Toyota. They might last up to 150k without major repairs, but why take the chance when you can get a Honda or Toyota.
I wouldn’t buy a Mitsubishi, new or used.

Any car is a bad car and will break if you dont take care of it. I have an 08 spyder and love it.

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