How to fix your situation after being a failure 3 years after College graduation?

I have no job.. i have only had some temporary assingments and they fired me from the last. I’m looking for a job and getting nowhere. Do i just have to just give up and settle for the lowest paying jobs?

One of the main reasons i have failed is because i’ve never been a talktive person. I almost never…

Get a job any job it will help you at least put something on your resume. A lot of people feel like failures after college it takes about 3-5 years to get off of your feet and even know what you are really good at. Target a large company that has lots of opportunities. Even if you start in the mail room you have a job at a good company. I started out as customer service rep and now I have a successful career in finance

It depends on what your college major was. If you are a natural geek, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding work. If you want to improve your speaking skills, it may help to go to a Toastmaster’s club. They are an international speaking club that teaches you to speak on your feet. Joining is relatively inexpensive. Google them under Toastmaster’s International. Once you get on their site, you can type in your zip code, and they should have meetings in the area you live in.

go back to school relive your life and figure out what keeps you from being shy just get out there–take some speech classes or something if you are having lots of trouble or start reading college level books/novels to improve your reading/writing/vocab…

Read books. Read books and that will help you expand your vocabulary. Just read anything. As long as you are reading it will improve.

I find it hard to believe that is the real reason you can’t keep a job.

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