Huge number of homesless in the bigest country in the world !?

I did visit many country in the third world ( the middle east ) like Eygpt, Syria, Jordan and Emirates, I’ve never that big number of people that is homeless. Here in the USA, in the big cities you see huge number of homesless and that really make me wonder why that happened, I have asked my husband who told me…

It doesn’t matter how rich you are when you chose to spend the money on other things than the people in the country.

What’s happening is politics and the greed and war hunger that drives the politicians in the US. Their interests are not to look after the people in the country that they rule, they look after the money and those that have the money. The American politicians get away with what they do since the Americans don’t protest what they are doing, at least not in ways that touches the politicians and makes them worry about losing their power.

If half of the Americans decided that enough is enough, we want changes and we want them now, and acted upon it, then I feel confident that the politicians would listen. Half of the Americans are over 150 million persons. Over 150 million voices, that’s a lot. If 150 million persons unite and raise their voices, protesting, demonstrating, going into strikes and so on then the politicians will change, and they will listen to the people and look after the people because they don’t want 150 million angry citizens.

Simply put, the American government gets away with treating the citizens of the US poorly since no one protests.

Another difference is in culture. Friends, family and relatives look after each other in a better and different way in the Middle East and other parts of the world. If one family member runs into problems the others try to help. (In general.) In the US it’s more about “every man for himself” and “looking out for number one (yourself)”. (In general.)

By the way …
1) Russia is the biggest country in the world, Canada is the second biggest. The US is number three on the list.

2) The richest country in the world is Luxembourg followed by Equatorial Guinea and The United Arab Emirates. The US ends up as sixth country.

3) Your use of the term “third world” is also a bit sketchy. If you use the term to point to the geographical third world the “Global South” then it’s correct. But you also seem to imply that countries as the United Arab Emirates are poor, which is not correct.

China has best inhabitants (accompanied via India) Russia the biggest land section (accompanied via Canada) u . s . a . has the biggest financial equipment. (accompanied via China) Nantucket besides the undeniable fact that would have had dominion over 2/3 of the globe.

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