I bought a car 3 weeks ago sold as seen…?

And was told after i’d paid the car didnt come with a warrenty last week i noticed the car was leaking oil, what can i do? can i take it back to the garage i bought it from?

Sold as seen means just that, you took a gamble, and it didn’t work out, unlucky, but next time don’t cut corners, buy cheap, often means that you buy twice.

Sold as seen means nothing. You have protection under the sale of goods act and your statutory rights. The only phrase that may affect you is “sold as scrap”. The vehicle has to be fit for the purpose for which it was purchased. If it was a trader, then you have warranty, send him a letter ASAP, giving him 14 days to remedy the fault, or you will require a full refund. If he does not agree to fix it, then go to the small claims court. The case will be decided based on if the fault on the vehicle is something that would normally be covered as a warranty item, and I would suggest that an oil leak on the engine falls into this category.

Good luck, and don’t panic!

I don’t know if you are in the UK or USA????

If you are in the USA, take the vehicle back to the garage for sure. If they refuse to rectify the problem, inform them that you are about to report the matter to the Better Business Bureau.
You watch them rectify the matter in double quick time!!!!


If you purchased the vehicle in the UK, YOU ARE COVERED UNDER THE “SALE of GOODS ACT”…. so take the vehicle back to the garage and if they refuse to repair it inform them that you are going to report it to the Trading Standards Office.
Here is their web site:
Type in your post code and find your nearest office.

That should make them reconsider their decision not to repair your vehicle.

I may be in the USA but I am a former senior police officer from the UK, so why IGNORE what I am saying???
What I am advising here, is from personal experience as I am now retired and a vehicle importer to the UK from he USA. Oh by the way… I sell MY NEW and SECONDHAND cars in the UK for half the price that they can be purchased from any dealer or private seller in the UK….Now thats a deal!!!!

If you are in Great Britain, it is ILLEGAL for a dealer to sell a car ‘as seen’. By saying ‘sold as seen’, they are committing an offence.

The Sale of Goods and Services Act of 1974 (amended 1999) states that an item sold by a trader MUST be fit for the purpose. Your car isn’t.

Take it back and complain – you have the law on your side. (Only a private seller can sell a vehicle ‘as seen’.)

(Ignore all the answers from people based in America – their trading laws are totally different from British trading laws.)

If the oil leak isn’t that bad, don’t worry too much, but it sounds kinda serious. Whatever happens, it needs to be fixed before too long and you’ll be the one to pay for the repair. It might be a simple fix not requiring much repair time. Don’t expect the seller to pay for the repair. He is not legally required to. You should always get a car checked out by someone trustworthy before you buy it.

I guess you could take it back there, but weither or not they do anything about it is another matter. Warranty and things like that should really be discussed before any money changes hands, there’s always a risk buying cars thats why you need to ask all the questions first.
Otherwise, kick up abit of a fuss and see where that gets you.

when u buy a car sold as seen it meens just that ,u will get no joy from the garage .unless he is honest enough to look at it for u .speak to the owner.if u get no joy try putting his garages name into the local paper as being not as they seem and maybe this will stop other people from buying from him .learn a lesson next time take a mechanic with u ?

Sold As Seen means just that. No comeback if there are problems.

One of my cars has had an oil leak for about 4 years but I just haven’t been bothered to fix it.

If that’s your only problem, then think yourself lucky. 🙂

You bought a used car in as is condition, with no warranty. What right do you think you have to take it back? Just get it fixed.

if he gave you an invoice with sold as seen , then there is nit alot ypu can do, but before you go to trade and standards talk to the seller and explain your story , he may fix it for you , if no joy there speak to trade and standards, there is so many consumer rights now, i should no i deal with customers every day. good luck .

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