I hate Islam, but my parents are muslim?

I think Islam is the worst religion. It is hyppocritical and contradictory as well as demeaning to women, as well as ‘infedels’ I hate it. It is the worst religion created by a man who married a 6 year old.
What should I do because my parents are muslim. I feel bad saying anything and I am afraid it will…

That has happened so many times. Noah(AS) was Muslim. His son was non-muslim. Lot(AS) was Muslim. His wife was non-muslim.

(66:10) Allah has set forth for the unbelievers the parable of the wives of Noah and Lot. They were wedded to two of Our righteous servants, but each acted treacherously with her husband, and their husbands could be of no avail to them against Allah. The two of them were told: “Enter the Fire with all the others who enter it.”
(66:11) Allah has set forth for the believers the parable of Pharaoh’s wife. She prayed: “My Lord, build for me a house with You in Paradise and deliver me from Pharaoh and his misdeeds; and deliver me from the iniquitous people.”
(66:12) Allah has also set forth the parable of Mary, the daughter of Imran, who guarded her chastity, and into whom We breathed of Our Spirit, and who testified to the words of her Lord and His Books. She was among the obedient.

I believe you don’t know a thing about true Islamic teaching. Islam is the only religion who put women’s dignity to the highest. It’s just sad that in some muslims countries they deny women’s rights. Muslims oppresed the women and astray from the real teaching of Quran.

Do not blame the religion if you don’t know Islam true teaching. Muhammad prophet is the most noble leader in this world, even christian writer named him the best leader in the world in a book.

Marrying a 6 year old is a custom during those era, it’s not a false act. You should be lucky you were born as a Muslim.

Really? If your parents are Muslims why would you not know that women are treated with great respect? Or even how to spell Infidel? If your mother does not pray or dress in accordance with Islam nor considers herself ”religious” what is it that makes her a Muslim exactly?
You are NOT a Muslim because your parents are, or rather one of your parents is a Muslim. One is a Muslim by submitting to the will of God.
You are free to hate Islam you are free to your opinion but don’t tell me how I am treated as a Muslim woman or how I treat non believers, clearly you have no clue…

Peace She said…

PS Also very ODD that your father would say ‘a good girl’ when your pulse states, ”Chin Male – Beverly Hills, California”. Hmmmm curiouser and curiouser…

Who gave the right to hate? What you know about your religion? Because your mother is not pretty you will throw her out? There are many many misconceptions and preached and taught by so called maulanas, ulemas etc., for selfish end, just ignore them and with open mind without any prejudice study kuran,bible,gita most of the teachings will be same.

Islam is in fact Devil’s religion; it teaches against God by pretending to be a true religion. It is a very good sign that you don’t like this religion. Surely, its founder is one of the worst human beings the world has ever seen. Not only he married a child, he married his own daughter in law by forcing his adopted son to divorce her.

Do not practice this religion and simply believe in God and tell him to guide you. He will show you the right way to move on in life.

My parents are vey sexist

Become atheist

Convert to Catholic…

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