I know i asked this before, just didnt get too many answers =)?

Has anyone tried the baby gender predictors online and if so were they accurate? Im curious! =)

Actually they were all right for me… They all said girl, and yep, it’s a girl!

None of them were right for me… kept saying I was having a girl (even the old wives tales)… Although, may be by chance, the chinese gender calendar was correct… the only thing that told me I was having a boy… :0)
I do admit, it’s fun to take the quizes though 🙂

Yeah there is a 50/50 chance on all these pregnancy things they all said Id have a boy but Ive had a beautiful baby girl who I love with all my heart just take things as they are

yes they were all accurate, and i even bought the $50 dollar test that you pee in at 11 weeks, and it was also right, having another girl!!!!! 🙂

the online predictors were also right for my first

My friend and I tried them. Said she was having a girl, but she’s having a boy. So I would say they are not accurate.

I tried several of them, and they all said I was having a boy…but I have a girl! Every site or test has a 50 50 chance!

I did a few and they all said I was having a boy both times and I had a boy both times. I wouldn’t get your heart set on it but it is kinda fun to see if it is right in the long run. Congrats!

I tried a lot of different sites, and one would say boy, one girl. No I dont believe them. Im having a boy! We even tried them w my sister and they said my neice was a boy. Wrong shes 8 months old and def not a boy.

I tried the Chinese gender chart and it was right with all my pregnancies.And this is my fourth one. So, try it. It’s not 100% but hey it’s fun to do.

they arent accurate they said i was having a girl and im having a boy

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