I need advice, cause im to my breaking point?

I’d like you to know im a sophomore, and this is not suicidal in any way possible. But I’m literally too my breaking point and I just need advice or something considering I’m sitting here on my computer crying my eyes out. PS might be long.

first here is some info.

So, at school I have a lot of…

Awe, this made me sad, and you don’t deserve this at all. But its a good thing that you have a lot of friends, and that you are able to hang out with your best friends on a regular basis. When I look to be comforted, I enjoy listening to other peoples stories to know that I am not alone. So I will share mine with you, ’cause really, I can relate. I have had some pretty rough times.

First off, my parents have been a bit rough with me. I know they love me though, they just don’t always know how to let that show. They would insult me, and when I would have a breakdown over something (big or small) they would say I have mental issues, but that they won’t take me to a doctor and such. Our family hit a lot of rough patches. My parents decided to ‘homeschool’ me and my brother, and well, we never got any schooling. I just sat around everyday, lonely, not knowing what to do. I had no friends, and I live in the country, so I had no way of getting anywhere. There was very little money to go around, so my dad had the only car, and had to use that to get to his job in the city, one hour away. So for years, I just sat around at home on our ten acres. At times, I thought it wasn’t so bad, but after a while, it begins to get to a person. When I was sixteen, I got a seasonal job. It was a way to get out, but it only lasted about two months. But that summer, I got a job at a major retail store with my dad, and I made friends. So things got a bit better. But then my parents had to take a good portion of my earnings to bail themselves out of foreclosure on our home. So now, I had no money, and I had to leave my job, so I was never able to see my friends, because they lived so far away. I will be nineteen in May, and I have made many attempts at getting my license so I can have freedom, but I keep failing. I got a new job though, and have started to slowly make some friends there. But with that, came heartbreak. I met a guy, and we started to go out. I thought he was perfect. I fell for him. He later gives me a phone call and says “I can’t do this, I am too broken from my past, I’m sorry” and now we are enemies and don’t speak to each other. He was one of my best friends. So that has been my most recent pain. I have also been battling depression.
But, I am trying to fight all of this. I look back and think “If I got through that, then I can get through the next fork in the road”
So you can do this. I don’t know how old you are, but as soon as you possibly can, get a job so you can save up enough money to either move out, or go to college. Your mother isn’t being fair to you, so you need to find a way out. You can also talk to your school counselor.
I hope this helps you a bit. Good luck.

There are a lot of things to be said to you but if they got voted down it is going to keep anyone from telling you about life other than the usual platitudes that are acceptable to the players . Life is a struggle and without a coach to tell you what a friend should you can not possibly guess what all is at stake. Instant messaging is fine but the days of the chat rooms are over because of hackers. So the only thing left is the slower emails . It is plenty good for getting the advice you need and the waiting time is actually better for all concerned to write and edit thoroughly. When we get upset our sentences structure can be too loose to be understood well enough.

I know how u feel…i grew up the same way only it was Michael Jackson (years ago). My mother grew up in Italy & has different morals & perspectives then parents from here would. We stay disagreeing on everything. I have no siblings.. & my father used to make fat jokes towards my weight until i got anorexia and ended up in the hospital. I dropped out of high school junior year when I was extremely intelligent in school because of rumors & stupid kiddy ****. A boy used me & took away my virginity by giving me pot, I’d never thought I’d give in to pier pressure.& as for friends, all my “friends” back stabbed me & used me for money or whatever they could get..at the end of the day the people u come back to is your family or more so just yourself. You stand alone. God is your mobster. There are people out there struggling with illnesses & so much worse..Relax & try praying and meditating..do things that make you happy. & ignore your mother but don’t disrespect her. Your a sophmore right? 2 more years til the real world…..

No question your mother has a problem. Now, for a real change, start agreeing with everything she says. She says: “You’re fat.” Reply:” I surely am and I’m ashamed of it. I gotta change. “” You’re lazy: “I certainly am. ” Doesn’t matter, agree with her and, of course think and do what you chose. Keep it up and add to it: ” You need to get some friends.” “I surely do do I not? ” There are some guys in prison I’m going to write to. One killed his mother; however, outside that he seems like a nice guy. Thank you for the encouragement.” Just pour it on more and more, Make a game out of it. No arguments and when she says something really cutting say: “Golly how could I agree with you more. My friends tell me I shoudn’t put up with the stuff you dish out and think you are crazy.I tell them: Don’t you dare talk about my mother. People do get old, cantankerous, stubborn, and make a jackass of themselves; however they can;t help it if they have a crappy attitude all the time. You. just wait. I’ll bet you will act just like my mother when you get old. Old people are like that and can’t help it so, shut up talking about my mother. ” etc and etc. Soon your will drive her nuts and she will quit talking so much.

Hey sweetie,
Listen I am also a 10th grader and I kinda know what your going through & I understand it’s hard but you know what at the end of the day family is family. I have felt like a complete outsider from my own life before. I am serious like there was this one time where I just sat there and looked at everyone in my life and realized that no one really knows the true me like it’s just me against the world.but then I reeled that just because you feel this way somtimes doesn’t mean that you ARE alone because in reality everyones goof through it and at the end you’ll realize that hey it wasn’t that bad and that you’ll actually learn something too! Anyway hope that kinda comforting I just want toilet you know that your famiy does love you &everyone gets that feeling& hey at least ya got gear friends

You need to get a job as soon as you can. That will get you out of the house and away from her and you will have money, trust me it will make you much happier. In the end she is your mom, she sounds like a huge ***** but she gave you life. Try to look at why she is such a *****, maybe she suffered like you have. Try to be nice to her no matter what

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