If Barack Obama was running against Ron Paul instead of Mitt Romney who would you vote for then?

Also, what political party do you identify with.

Ron Paul

I have voted Dem, Repub and Independent. I never tell anyone who I will vote for.

People that always vote along party lines hurt the country. Hardcore Dems and Repubs have done more harm than anyone that was elected because they elected someone based on party and not on what the person would do for the people of this country, especially for the children.

Most crimes are committed by people registered as Dems. Some did research last year on women that killed their children and they were also 93% Dems.

I would like to see a third party.

Ron Paul would get my vote, although I am a liberal and Ron Paul is racist it doesn’t change the fact that me and the rest of this country is tired of war. I would love a anti-war president in office. He have made his position on Iran perfectly clear and it was very refreshing to see that a candidate was not willing to walk lockstep with Israel regardless of the consequences to our national security and wealth.

Ron Paul. Independent
I will now be voting for Obama.

Ron Paul!!

At this point it’s difficult for me to choose if it’s even worth voting. The election process seems corrupt and pre-decided anyways.

Erp– Error- Yes Ron Paul is personally pro-life, however he is VERY states rights. He does believe the pro life/ pro choice debate should be at the state level according to each state’s desires regardless of his personal opinion.

Obama, I am a independent. However were he running against Romney, good chance I would vote for him.
Mitt Romney Mormon
Mitt Romney is A flip-floppier changes his mind too often Can not trust him!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has effectively full control of the government of the State of Utah and of several cities and towns.

And if you were to read the publications of that church, you would find they believe they should have control of all government too. Other churches also have similar publications and beliefs.

However, as various churches have problems getting along with each other, the seperation of church and state means no church should have enough power they control any government to the exclusion of other churches – or the rest of the citizens of the United States.


Another way to interpret this is that Mitt wants the federal government to “outsource” some of its responsibilities to churches, along with a big helping of money.
He Flip-flops every day.
He’s a successful businessman that knows how to run a business ONLY BY FIRING PEOPLE, He saves business large company BUT let go at least 50% of their workers,
THAT causes people Not be able to afford pay their homes, THen too many homes forclosures, and then Houses loss their values,
He is 1% the benefited THE REST 99% DON’t benefit!! – he’should NOT work in WASHINGTON DC!

If you care about family and don’t want family members to be send to WAR like Republican Presidents did
George Bush first Iraq war
George W. Bush during both of his 4 year term had wars started, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War. Iraq was NOT involved in 9/11 BUT SO MANY Americans were killed in Iraq

NO war was started During first Obama 4 years and NO Solders Killed during War within Bill Clinton Years!
SO IF YOU WANT TRILLIONS of $ spend on WARs VOTE MITT ROMNEY If YOU Don’t want TAX $$$ SPend on any pointless WARS VOTE FOR OBAMA

WOMEN should be able to get abortion , imagine if a woman was sexually abused, IF Abortion is illegal like Mitt Romney wants it, THE abused women will have to go through 9 months of pregnancy, Hard time giving birth, and Every time these women look in the child face the child will look similar and remind them of the Sexual abuser , and THESE women will Never love their children as they naturally should!

Ron Paul for sure


Geez, that would be a slamdunk election for Obama. Ron Paul wouldn’t do anywhere near as well as McCain did in a general election.

I’d still vote for Ron Paul as an anti-Obama vote, but I would have no expectation that he (Ron Paul) could actually win.

Ron Paul, instead of Gary Johnson.

Only Real American…. why can’t you write proper English? I love it when Americans beat those patriotic drums, especially with regard to culture; yet, they can’t even properly speak our national language.

IF Barack Obama WERE running against Ron Paul, I’d vote for the president. There is no way I would vote for Paul, and one big reason is he is anti-choice. What kind of self-respecting libertarian espouses government intrusion on and regulation of a person’s body?

I’m a social democrat.

ERP! That’s assuming it is a state issue, which it’s not. It’s a Constitutional issue. Nice try, but fail.

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