If I order a product from a website but royal mail loses the package, who do I claim my money back off of?

Does the company refund my money and claim monies back from royal mail, or do I claim my money back from royal mail?

You can’t usually make a claim from Royal Mail. If you think about it, only a paying customer of any company can get compensation for a service not completed. Its the same with Royal Mail.

Royal Mail will not compensate you for not receiving an item. If the sender has proof of postage and/or some form of insurance, the sender can be reimbursed.

If the website has anything like a decent customer service policy, they’ll refund you the money, or replace the item, and claim the cost back from Royal Mail themselves. Check this though, I’ve known some sellers just not bother, and tell you to get in touch with Royal Mail (who will tell you to get back to the sender).

Ask them for proof of delivery since if you are to take it up with the post office you will need to know when and where it was posted (you get a printout these days). And as Carrot said, they want particulars on what the dimension and colour and weight of the package was. If they sell a lot they should know the system. Obviously they don’t. If he owns a shop don’t be surprised if they just do a refund. I have had that a few times now. Almost as if they can’t be bothered to do all the paperwork there and then. And when they eventually do they get a refund from the post office. Well, i did on the two occasions when i sold stuff and it got lost in the post.

You need to claim from the company that you made the purchase from as the contract between you and them has not been fulfilled. They in turn formed a contract with Royal Mail when they chose that as the delivery method and therefore they will claim from Royal Mail if they can.

You claim compensation from the Royal mail as long as you have proof of posting.

I dunno about royal mail, but most companies require package insurance, a small fee based on the value of the package. If the package is damaged or lost, you can get your money back based on that insurance. If there was no insurance then you are screwed.

website.and if they have a problem they can claim the money off royal mail! Easy as that

you claim your money back from the royal mail because losing the parcel was on their behalf.


Check the terms and conditions of the site or seller you purchased from.

i would contact the company and let them know,they will let you know what steps to take.but dont wait sometimes this can be a timely chore so i would contact them ASAP

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