Is Obama going to legalize gay marriage?

I really don’t know much about this, so nobody get nasty. I’m a gay guy and 16. I really love how Obama is thinking about legalizing gay marriage in the US, so we have a society that is more accepting of gays and gay rights. My best friend is transgendered, and we both are planning on setting up a…

I sure hope he will… ROMNEY IS A TURD

No President can legalize gay marriage. Marriage is a state-by-state issue. Federal laws can be passed as guidelines, however, which is why the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” or DOMA needs to be repealed.

Florida has a lot of right-wing yahoos and probably will not legalize marriage equality anytime soon. Michigan had been fairly liberal, but a bunch of right wingdings got into the legislature.

What you can do is — WORK FOR EQUALITY. You’re too young to vote, but you are NOT too young to work for progressive candidates. Contact Democracy for America and see what you can do to summon a future you want to live in.

It’s local, so get involved in local politics.

As for the pulpit-pounding lecture on the SANCTITY of MARRIAGE…. sorry, it’s only been a part of the christian religions for about 800 years and in earlier times there was a ceremony for same-sex partnerships..

Marriage has existed almost as long as humans have had social structure and marriage is what works for a society. It is a human artifact, not a diviine fiat.

Marriage licenses are at the state level. However, marriages in one state are SUPPOSED to be recognized by all other states. The fact that this is not true ONLY for same-sex marriages, is a problem.

Please, Adam. You wouldn’t be saying that if you were a homosexual yourself. How about some love and understanding?

Anyhow, marriage laws are up to the state. At least with President Obama we aren’t so threatened, like if Mitt Romney became president.

He CAN”T, that is a STATE decision, but IF a Couple gets legally wed in a same sex state they are married in every other state, even those that forbid it.

Highly unlikely

Yes, I chose to be straight.

Obama does not have the authority to do that. All he can do is what any other citizen can do and voice his opinion on it then leave it to the law makers.

That is a state desicion.

There is no such thing as “gay marriage” -it’s called a “civil union”.

As for legalising it, then no. It will only be accepted in the US not abroad in other countries. This would mean barring of American citizens from almost every country which does not permit such.

even if he could do it, he wouldnt have time in the few months he has left.

besides, he doesnt care about you, he only wants your vote. dont you think its odd he only supported you when he was slipping in the polls and the economy is still stagnant?

how does it feel to be stupid, gullible and used?

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