Is religious fundamentalism helpful at all?

Ultra-Orthdox Judaism:…

Their version of a morality squad.

To be fair:

Christian –…

Islam – well you hear about it enough in the news.

Fundamentalism per se? No, nothing wrong with it at all. Extremist fundamentalism? Very much so for the extremists wish to deny everyone else their views, concepts and practices in favor of their own. When the adherents of one viewpoint enforce their viewpoint onto others it detracts both from those others AND from the perspective of the adherents of that view, as well. NOT a good thing for everyone concerned and it does FAR more harm than the good that it’s supposedly intended to do.

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Not really, and not in any religion. Fundamentalism seemed like a good idea on paper: get back to the roots of the faith and cut out the wild ideas that arise from over interpreting the sacred text. Somehow, in reality, it just didn’t work out the same way. It leads to literalistic dogma that will brook no talk of metaphor or symbolism, thereby removing the spirit from the faith and turning it into legalism. In every religion it is used in, it gives the faith a bad name. This is exactly what Christ was fighting when He kept attacking the Pharisees for their slavish devotion to the letter of the law.

It has to do with skill. that’s all, no longer something greater. each President will say what he thinks the final public of people who will vote for him, want to pay attention him say. with the aid of fact this political device is split into 2 bogus aspects – one supposedly christian, fundamentalist, conservative and the different non-christian or “non secular yet no longer non secular, liberal”. it incredibly is what we get for Presidents, one or the different. It does not additionally count which way human beings vote – Bush rattling properly stole the election the two circumstances he became into elected, with the aid of fact the two social gathering device is a lie. the two events are controlled by ability of the very comparable company moneymakers and bankers. it incredibly is what the idiots who voted for Obama did no longer see, and it became into very easy for each individual to work out, exceedingly much his comprehensive cupboard, advisors, etc. have been all the very comparable bankers and company pastimes that BUSH had had! precisely the comparable! What we had with Jefferson, Franklin, etc. became into the genuine management. yet even that they had an time table. White landowners have been the sole human beings allowed to vote, blacks have been slaves and to no longer be knowledgeable, Indians have been savages and by ability of no ability allowed. So incredibly they wanted to make a utopian society that became into trustworthy, only and priviledged basically for whites. So the place does that pass away the entire ingredient? that is all incorrect, from the initiating.

The brand of fundamentalism you’re talking about makes slaves of its adherents by demanding obedience to the literal meaning of holy texts. I don’t believe that any such organization that denies the freedom to question or think is any help at all to our society.

Fundamentalists and extremists are not the same but are often lumped together. Who is Fred Phelps by the way? I’ve seen his name appear on here a few times in the last couple of weeks. He doesn’t sound too popular – or is that an understatement? Please enlighten me.

Yes, it is to the ones that can take every word literally. But then they use it to condemn others and that can’t help anyone, it can only enslave them. I cannot be a Fundamentalist or even an Evangelical and they don’t do anything but confuse me and embarrass me. I accept what Jesus purportedly said and I strongly believe there is an afterlife where Jesus reigns.

Well, it is not at all helpful to those who practice extremism… but I guess for the rest of us it at least gives us something to be scared of, and therefore something against which we can practice courage, patience, personal honesty, humble integrity and love.

It’s one of those opposites… You know, you can’t truly appreciate the good until you’ve seen the bad. ♥

its very helpful in revealing how religion operates.

it shows us that religion’s demands for respect are baseless, and that we do need to question people’s beliefs

edit: @ lilly m.-“You left out the extreme atheist who push their agenda into the public schools, and all of the public sector.”

so whats this agenda? has it ever occurred to you that atheism is a LACK of belief?

seems to me this “atheist agenda” is little more than a backlash against the CHRISTIAN AGENDA thats been forced down the throats of every american, christian or not. kids can pray to whomever they want in schools, but religious belief is a private matter. why do you guys insist on big displays of your faith?

there would never have been prayer in school in the first place were it not for religious meddlings in the public square

as for intelligent design- we are talking about everyone’s schools, not christian churches; we both know that there is not a damn thing thats scientific about ID, so keep it out of biology class…our kids score badly enough as it is. the rest of the world laughs at american superstition and ignorance

I am a fundamental believer. i.e. I believe the fundamental truths of God’s Word. And I am not a “Fred Phelps.” I am a born-again child of God.

Your question is highly provocative and insulting.


This group of Fred Phelps came to a town near mine a while ago. Their hatred is frightening.

They are more hateful than the fundamentalists that I grew up with. I grew up as a fundamentalist Christian – as a teenager I was kicked out of the house because a friend of mine had had a homosexual experience (It is considered a horrific sin to befriend a gay). Phelps is worse than the church I was raised in.

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