Lumina SS Vs Mustang GT?

What is better a 2007 V8 lumina SS or a 2007 V8 Mustang GT? better as in overall preformance, speed, acceleration, engine, noice etc…

I’m guessing you live in the middle east.

I believe your Lumina SS is like a Holden Commodore SS or our Pontiac G8 which comes out soon. Its a fast car but its much larger and heavier than a Mustang because its a sedan. I bet it could give the Mustang a pretty good run but I don’t think it would beat it.

Jeffy – They do still make the Lumina just not for the US. The Mustang and Impala are both good cars too. Go crawl back to your ricer world.

Lumina Ss 2007

I have to say mustang GT my friend . the engine noise will make the lumina piss gasoline on itself. plus only mowatens drive lumina…and they drive it to fish market lol. AUD girls like the mustang more so :P. and plus lumina is like a fadi and mustang is like hesam….which do u want???? the hesam ofc!!!! cuz then u’ll get shima:P.

choof 3ebdel 7ish int 3arabi il7een a7san shey ekoon lumina SS
if your not arabian the lumina SS i know you live somware in the middle east the mustang is better in preformance etc…
but the chevy lumina SS is much safer

I assume you mean an Impala SS or the Monte Carlo SS.
The answer is yes. More room, acceleration, fuel economy, handling, brakes sound deadening material and louder exhaust note when you get on the pedal. It has the ability to shut down 4 cylinders for flat land fuel economy. It would get better mileage even if it didn’t have this added refinement. Ford tiny V8 motors in the ”Mousetangs” simply can’t match fuel economy or horsepower and torque when prodded
The 5.3 – 322 cubic inch motor is a higher performing better motor in every regard.

First, Chevrolet no longer makes the Lumina. Second, neither the Mustang or the (Impala) is a very good car. Read the reviews on

Mustang GT!!

Lumina SS is way better mustang is overrated.

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