Marriage Between First Cousins: Your Opinions?

Asalammu Alaykum, Brothers and Sisters. 🙂

I’m just really curious to know your opinions about marrying first cousins. There are many pros and cons to this. But to sum it all up, what do you think about this? Would you ever marry your first cousin?

I’m not talking about an arranged marriage with your…

Salam alaykum sister 🙂

In Islam, it is allowed to marry one’s cousin, as they are a non-mehram. However, the Prophet PBUH encouraged that we marry Outside the family, to different races too, in order to strengthen our blood — according to science, inter-family marriage can lead to defects, whereas marrying outside the family and also to another race produces healthier and stronger babies – mixed race babies are the strongest (according to science).

Personally, I wouldn’t marry my cousins; It’s something which doesn’t happen in my family, as we don’t prefer it – we all marry outside the family. 🙂

Take care sister 🙂
Salam alaykum~

I personally believe that it is better to marry a first cousins because when we give charity we are suppose to give it to our close relatives first. Same principle applies here.
Muslims living in Non-Muslim countries impressed by the western culture and believers of science start to question the marriage between first cousins.
Marriage between cousins is halal in Islam and it is a blessing of Allah because it can become a mean of strengthening ties of families.
I believe that Love marriage is Haram, but if i had a first cousin i would have married her.
Allah Knows Best

I see no problem with it aslong as it isnt forced and isnt some weird generation after generation of inbreeding thing.

Sadly some muslims “incest” there children marry cousins, which some ulama have ruled the marriages to be invalid due to being pressured to do it and the children are considered bin zeenah and the couple is viewed as boyfriend and girlfriend living together.

I honestly don’t think first cousins should be married. It’s nothing to do with God, or the Bible…it would just seem weird being married to a family member. It would be for me, anyway.
I mean, I’m fine with other people doing it…I just couldn’t see myself doing it.
But maybe, just MAYBE, if I were in love and didn’t really give a ****, then maybe.
And if I also hadn’t known we were first cousins before.

It’s alright to have an arranged marriage.

What do you mean by falling in love with the cousin?! This does not sound right to me!

It is incest, as long as you’re related by blood it will ALWAYS be considered incest and the thought of me falling in love with my cousin makes me want to stab myself a thousand times…x_x!

Wa alaykum salam Marriage between first cousins is allowed or halal in Islam based ob the Qur’an But for me it is too near so I do not want to practice it We would add our relatives and certain disease will go down to our family’s member such as diabetes melitus.Besides that based on hadith Muhammad pbuh recommended us to marry someone who is very far in relationship with us for making good and strong descendants. I will prevent myself and my children to fall in love with my/their first cousin

There are no pros to incest and yes cousins are close enough related to cause birth defects and lower IQ, so it’s incest.

IF i was inlove then i would but since im not i wont 🙂

but tbh i wouldnt do it >.<
if someone does and theyr in love and Allah allows it then i would b happy for them

and marrying ur first cousin can b hrmful sometimes..note: i said SOMETIMES lol 🙂

like lets say ur grandma marries her cousin
then ur mom does the same
then u do the same
then ur daughter does the same
and its all from a close cousins and stuff then it causes harm to the babies idk why but thats what research shows.
search it up and inshallah ull get what im saying 🙂

there’s nothing wrong with marrying you’re first cousin as long as its carried out in the right Islamic manner

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