Most likely about to be a teenage father.?

I’m not going to sugarcoat this, Me and my girlfriend were messing around, I’m 18, she’s 15, Yes I’m aware she’s young, we felt no problems expressing ourselves together. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years. We feel like we trust and love each other enough, Keep your criticism, this…

okay first things first, you shouldn’t wait so long to take a pregnancy test, maybe 3-4 days tops and if you still don’t trust the pregnancy test take her to her gyno [cosidering she even has one…if not, just go to the clinic and ask for an appointment]. when i got pregnant i was so hormonal and not to mention my poor diet had actually [believe or not] rigged the test, so for about 3 or so months i was walking around thinking i was fine and i had already completed my first trimester. so to be safe, go to a clinic.

second, it sounds like you are willing to go through with being a father [and i applaud you for that] but remember she’s much younger than you are and may not be quite ready to take resposibilty for another being. so you guys should talk it out and figure out your full plans before you jump into anything. if she says she doesn’t want to go through with it [and that is IF she’s pregnant] don’t be upset, at least now you’ll be able to evaluate the rest of your life and see if you would like to squeeze in being a husband & father at all 🙂

you should know that until you are absolutely sure it’s a yes or no, there are certain things she’ll have to refrain from doing, that you can just google and find out some really helpful answers.

for the morning sickness [if that’s what it is…] get her ritz crackers and a liter bottle of gingerale 🙂 it works perfectly and will ease some of her cravings and hunger.

have her write down a list of all the things that makes her nauseous or what she desires most, it’ll help you get through the whole ordeal, because even though it took the both of you to end up where you are…you will recieve a majority of the it’s up to you to keep her comfortable.

once you get your results, if it’s a yes…i suggest you start saving up. she’s 15 so i don’t think she’ll be able to work. but if there’s something she can do to bring in a little cash let her do it. the money should only be for the baby not for your [you & your girl’s] accomdations.

you said you’d stay with your family…i pray it’s true because the first 6 months [if you’re lucky enough that it’ll only last 6] will be a nightmare 🙂 buy some baby books. it helps.

when the time comes, go with her to tell her family. be calm, and make sure you stress how much you think it’d be a good idea for her to stay home with her family because if she moves out and you have to rent an apartment: you will most likely regret it.

everything else you will hear from your doctors. make sure she takes up a maternity class, i live in toronto, CA and it’s mandatory here but idk about anywhere else.

i wish you & your girlfriend the best of luck, and i’d be glad to offer more advice: e-mail me if you’d like. 🙂

Firstly, well done on being so level-headed and responsible about this. Too many men run the other way if they even suspect something like this has happened. But you obviously love her and want to make a life with her and the baby IF there is a baby. Don’t panic just yet. Why not buy a home pregnancy test and find out for sure? You can even get one now that tells you how many weeks shes pregnant. Theres no guarantee she actually IS pregnant though, yes some of the symptoms are there, but she could be forcing the symptoms to appear cos shes so stressed out about it. Ok, if you’ve got away safely this time, please make sure that from now on, shes on the contraceptive pill ALL the time, along with using a condom. Or better still, take a break from sex for awhile, at least then you can be stress-free for a while and be 100% sure shes not pregnant!!! If on the other hand, she is pregnant this time, its not the end of the world. Shes lucky to have such a caring man whos willing to face up to his responsibilities. You’ll both cope just fine! People always do. Good luck!

Well the photo was unavailable but I love little kids and I’m sure she’s cute!! Anyways I usually dont’ base a relatioinship on whether the guy has a kid or not. But, as I said, I LOVE LITTLE KIDS so much so I wouldn’t hold your daughter against you. I’d think that its great that you can handle being resposible and still go out there to fish in the big sea! It takes bravery to move on and I’m sure other girls will respect that. And don’t you DARE hide that you’re a teen dad. Thats like saying you’re ashamed of her. Which I sure hope you’re not.

Firstly, buy a pregnancy test and/or take her to the doctor to confirm she’s pregnant. No use making plans if she’s just having an irregular period.

Then, the most important thing you can do is support her and the child emotionally and financially. So basically helping her through the pregnancy, doing things she asks of you, putting up with hormonal moods etc. Then working really hard to buy necessities for the baby.


Be there for her. Things could get really hard for her. Don’t leave her for stupid reasons. She could get really emotional and you just have to deal with it. She will get big and possibly become unattractive to you but don’t cheat on her. Don’t get married just because you have a baby. The time flies by. It seems like yesterday when I found out and now I’m nine months. If I were you, I would go to every doctor appointment you can. If you don’t have a job get one. That’s all I can think of right now. Good luck.

well i can relate to this,
me and boy friend had ssex like 5 days ago,
and the condom broke
and im not on birth control or any of that.
really all you can do is wait,
take like 2-3 at home preg. tests after like 2-3 weeks after the unprotected sex.
and if still worried.
go see a doctor to be accuratley sure.

& the best thing is not to tell anyone.
wait til the results.

First of all Kudos to you, firstly for using protection and secondly for planning to stick around.

If she’s missed her period then she needs to take a pregnancy test, and because she is already late it will show up with certainty if she is pregnant.

You should probably prepare yourself for some backlash, because she is so young. Im not going to judge you, but there are many who will so be prepared for that. Your going to want to have a good paying job and be able to prove that you are able to provide for a family.

Good luck to you both!

u know she is underage dont u – 1stly! if i was u id find out if she is defo preg, talk about it properly, speak 2 the folks if she is n ur keeping baby, buy baby books n read up speak to citizens advice about benefits n help u can both get, make sure u know the sytem in side out.
best of luck xx

my boyfriend is 21 and i am 17, we have been dating since i was 15 and he was 19. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and he has been so responsible about it all. and supported me through everything. just do the same and make sure you let her know you love her. and if she is, DEAL WITH HER HORMONES! they are worse than you think trust me.

just understand its hard. espeacially being that young.

your best bet is to get a pregnancy test and take it, that would clear your mind as to if she is or not instead of playing a guessing game, plus if she is she needs to find out now so she can make an appointment at her obgyn to get everything checked out

good luck to the both of you!

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