My 14 year old son broke his collar bone. i wondering if i should let him play football this season?

He broke it on the 13th of august. he goes to the dr. on the 8th of september. if released to play football i am wondering if this ok? i have heard 50/50 “yes” let him play and “no” dont let him play. he is a star player. this is his life. does anyone have any experience with this situation? he…

I think if the doctor gives the OK for him to play, then let him play. I would also recommend doing anything that may help prevent the injury to reoccur, like new padding and no unnecessary rough housing. If the doctor says he’s not ready and shouldn’t play, then either he can sit the bench until he is healed, or wait until next season. If your son is a really great player, then he should be able to shine for the next few seasons coming up. I would rather he be careful and still have his shot at college ball and maybe pro-ball, than to be impatient and reinjur himself or worse. I would leave it up to the doctor. Just remember, there are no guarantees. His collar bone may heal, but there are lots of other bones he can break. The best of luck to him and your family.

You have to let him play, a collarbone break is not that serious. If football is his life then making him sit out a year for a break that should take no longer than 4-5 weeks to heal is a bunch of crap. I broke 3 ribs and a tibia and never missed a whole season!!!! Especially if it was a clean break and not a splinter!!!! So come on mom, just let the kids play, i know he is only 14, but 14 is the new 20!!!! He is grown up enough to break bones during rough sports!!!!

“This is his life” at 14 this is a very small part of his whole life. Unless he is definitely NFL material (which unfortunately most boys in Jr-Sr High are not) I wouldn’t take a chance this season and play. The injury was too recent. I have heard many men say they played ball while in school and some of the injuries they got, although “healed” have started to pain or discomfort them as they get older. I know a 14 year old can not imagine anything he does now will affect him later in life, but it can. Ultimately, after the Dr gives his opinion, you as a parent should made the final decision.

Go ahead and teach your son how to be a girl, and while your at it, get him the operation too. That’s what all you women want. You want males to be just like girls, so get him fixed so you can have the daughter you always wanted.

He is a boy (that’s male) and boys must go through the normal growing up process for males. That is rough and tough play and getting hurt. If you don’t allow him to develope and mature properly, you will make an angry man that will take it out on the women in his life. Check the Spousal abuse statistics. It is mostly done by young males under 30. Now, when did all this “I want a man who is sensitive and can cry” crap start? In the 60’s and now the boys have grown up and are taking their hatred of being “feminized” out against women.

He is your kid so do as you please. If you want a sensitive crying person, then get him fixed.

I personally broke my collar bone playing football, I was out six weeks before playing again, did not have any problems, although I changed to different style of shoulder pads.

Yes he can play it heals in 4 weeks time , he is playing football[foot] and not collar bone ball .

I say let hime sit out a year to fully heal if football is his life he will find a way to still be around and a part of the team and he will still train so next year he will be a beast because he is hungry for the action.

Yes!!!! I know what it’s like to be held off! Let him play. If his docter says no let him watch practice. Don’t go with him!!!! It’s embarising. And he will join and the couch will let him but don’t get mad when you find out just let him. This is what my parents did last year and they found out I was playing and they said be carful I’m proud of you.

I think if the doctor clears him, it would be okay. They aren’t going to clear him if they think it’s harmful to him. But I would also want to talk to the athletic trainer for the team when you turn in his physical form to get his/her ideas as well & also to let them know about the break.

My husband is a trainer & being surprised by previous injuries that reoccur is not a good thing.

If the doctor clears him why wouldn’t you let him play? Would you rather he sit on the couch and play video games?

Sometimes you have to be braver than your kid. It’s just you being scared, don’t pass that along to him.

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