My friend gave me these details about his neighbours’ parenting.He’s hesitant to call police.What can be done?

-The neighbours are a married couple
-they have 4 kids;2 boys and 2 girls
-they had kids rather late in life

My friend told me what this couple is doing to their kids,which is described here:
-they yell expletives at their kids so loudly that my friend,his parents and his brother can hear
-the kids get…

While you are free to call the police, a better route might be to contact the state Dept of Child Welfare and file an anonymous complaint. They are listed under the state or county government pages in the front of your telephone book. They will send a social worker to investigate both the general living conditions of the family and any specific items in the complaint. If children are showing marks from these beatings they will then file a criminal child abuse complaint on behalf of the state with the local prosecutor and get a court order to place the children in foster care. You might also make the children’s school aware of your concerns because they are required by law to make authorities aware of suspected child abuse,

Never allowed to leave the house?

They go to those extremes, commit abuse that would be obvious to anyone laying eyes on the children, don’t allow them to go to school or the doctors, and hide the abuse by locking the kids up in the house . . .

yet your friend knows all these details?????

I think you’re being told a story.

This is one of the unfortunate side effects of child protective services.
One doesn’t need any proof of any sort, and they don’t even need to give their name, to wreak havoc upon another family.

If your friend is hesitant to call the police, and you know where this abusive couple stays, then why don’t you call the police instead? We should never turn a blind eye to child abuse. Just my thoughts.

And how would your friend know all this?
I dont personally believe you but anyone can call childprotective services and tell them about suspected abuse without even leaving your name, they will investigate and do what needs to be done

Call the required authorities. Child abuse is not acceptable.

You are obsessed with child abuse / neglect …all your questions are on this subject . I don’t believe your story …the give away was when you said .. ” I don’t know where the couple live “

You dont know where they live?…..So thats helpful.

You report them to CPS not the police. Once you figure out where they live.

nothing can be done if you are both aware of the situation and do nothing about it. you need to report this to the police / childrens services and do it now.

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