Now that you consider yourself “older”, do you reminisce about the “good old days”?

Or in your life was there such a thing as good old days?

Yes! My soul for a time machine! The present really bites. Husband has cancer, my older sister just passed away and I can’t afford to retire. The 50’s and 60’s couldn’t have been this bad.

Oh yes, I do I was around and young in the 50’s when life for a child was carefree and simple and mothers could stay home and really mother her young. I had a yard to play in and Aunts that were close and cousins to play with outside when it was safe to stay there until the street lights came on and the neighbors would tell on you if you were naughty and your called them Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Marshall and they would set next to you on the porch outside at night and listen to the songs on the radio while the adults played cards and the children played hide and go seek in the dark. Times were simple and life and love was great. We went to church together often walking the whole lot of us adults talking and children skipping and chattering and laughing along the way. Yes the good old days were a great joy I feel sad my children and grandchildren will never know the joy of catching a lightening bug and keeping it in a jar as a night lite or having a neighbor help to raise you in a good way and not having fear of going indoors there for cookie and milk or calling them Auntie Helen and not really being related. Yes good old days and hopefully the children of today will find some good in these days of gangs and drive by shootings and school shootings to look back upon I can only pray that there is more than this for them.

Yeah I do. That’s a great part of the human experience … our memories. There is something to be said about the “good old days” but but there are “good days” unfolding before me even as I write this answer. I am grateful for all of the special moments I have experienced in my life that I can look back on that gives my life a special meaning but I must believe there are more to come. The last chapter of my life hasn’t been written yet.

Oh yes! Fear that we would all be nuked, Apartheid in South Africa, the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, the Vietnam War , race riots in Liverpool and London etc.. Well, some things never change. The ‘good old days’ were as shitty as the modern days, except that I am now better informed to keep up the fight.
Now where are my rose coloured spectacles? Haven’t seen them since the early 1950s.

No. Been there, done that. Sure I have some good memories, but I don’t reminisce about them.

My theory is you have to have dreams and goals if you want to enjoy life. You have to keep going forward or you just falling backward and living history, not making it.

When I don’t want to have an adventure, then I can remember my past ‘achievements’.

I had the best childhood that anyone could have asked for. I do think of those days frequently and wish for them back again. After I got married, things went downhill fast, not because of the marriage, but because I got so il and carry that health problem with to to this day along with all the complications. There have been good and bad since then. But that childhood? Exquisite!

I grew up in the late 50s and early 60s, with the Vietnam War going on I don’t think I’d refer to that as the good old days. The early 50s weren’t bad, I’m sorry I was too young to really enjoy them.

Truthfully, THESE are the good old days! They are certainly the best I am going to have from here on out. In a few years, I will wonder why I didn’t see these days as great days…and I am not going to fall into that silly trap….I love life today.

Every time I hear a tune I’m transported back. Yes, I reminisce.

Yes there were days in my youth that were good but I don’t go back there. I enjoy my life now, to me these are the ‘good’ old days I will remember. Poppy

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