Oh my God. Donald Trump is running for President of the United States? HUH?

Would you vote for him?

i am not trolling, i promise.

If you just heard about this, you are WAY behind the times. Trump started talking about the possibility of running for President about 2-3 months ago, saying he would make up his mind and announce in June. So nothing is definite yet.

This is old news.

I would vote for him for one reason: he is not an old school, mainstream, establishment politician. He is a businessman. We’ve had about enough of mainstream career politicians who are driving this country into the ground. I think Trump would go into this with an eye to being a one-term President, not trying to go with the flow that has got us into the problems we have now, but with an eye to setting things back on course, no matter how that would sit with mainstream politicians and the self-centered voters who only want their perks and free government hand-outs.

The only thing the mainstream career politicians know how to do is to keep overspending and keep jacking up the national debt.* All they care about is their jobs, they don’t care how much extra debt they pile onto future generations or what happens to the country as a result. They are the problem in this country and trump is the antithesis of that.

*This is why Congress has a 14% approval rating.

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No, I would not vote for him. Where have all the Abraham Lincolns, George Washingtons, FDRs, JFK’s and Ronald Reagans gone? We are in serious need of strong leadership in this country.

He’s just yanking folks around to pamper his ego and boost ratings for his show.

I wouldn’t vote for him.

he will only look out for the rich like every other President

I would vote to “Spongebob” if he runned to prisedent

No, I wouldn’t vote for him.




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