Poll: Did you wish Google happy birthday…?


google never gets anything for my birthday 🙁
that slut.

Nope but I’m guessing I’m sort of obligated to now so Happy Birthday Google!!

Wasn’t Google birthday yesterday..?

Yes, I even quit my job today to just look at that google sign all day in remembrance of my favorite search engine.

No, I bought it a new server box to personally do all MY searching on, I suppose that card with £50,000 counts as happy birthd.. Ofcourse I didn’t say happy birthday, idiot.

happy belated birthday Google

Google knows when you masturbate.
Google knows when you eat peanuts off the floor.
Google knows when you have genital warts.

Google is a stalker. Google knows everything.

Who or What is a google?

No. I feel like such a horrible person now.

There 🙂

OMG! did they have any of those $16.00 muffins!…too?
p.s. Happy GoOgLeDaY…if not for us,,they wouldn’t exist. 😀

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