Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel?

I personally hate the FERRIS WHEEL because the slow up and down movement of it makes me sick! I am afraid of heights too. I would rather take the ROLLER COASTER ride because it will only make you nervous and shaking when the coaster is not yet moving. You are like kinda anticipating the excitement. But when you are…

I love roller coasters. I could ride them all day. Plus, you have so many options. So if you aren’t a huge coaster fan, there is a coaster out there for you, but if you like the bigger, better coasters, you have tons of options as well 😉

The ferris wheel is OK, especially if you want a good view. But they are kind of boring. Always worth one ride at a park, but not something I would want to ride all day like the roller coaster.

Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters Bingo

It depends on my mood. If I just want to sit back get a good view or just talk 2 a friend , I get on the Ferris wHEEL But when I am exited and ready for some action i get on the roller coaster!! i have to say I like the rollewr coaster better cause I love feelin the wind in my hair!!!!

I love Roller Coasters but don’t mind Ferris Wheels. So it boils down to what the girl I’m with likes hehe

Ferris wheels are boring because they are so slow, the only fun part is if you stop at the very top and the wind is blowing. Most good coasters provide non-stop thrills going every which way while as a ferris wheel only provides a gentle up and down.

i like the roller coaster better when i wanna have fun with my friends … but if u r on a date or something then the ferris wheel would be the better choice ….

my favorite is the roller coaster

Roller Coasters!!!!

The coaster for thrills. The ferris wheel for smooches or sight seeing. The view from the wheel at Cedar Point, for example, out over the lake.

Roller coaster.

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