R&P!!! Epic, hilarious story!! (and a MA, of course)?

Okay, so I call my cat Flufferbottom as a little pet name (he’s a cute lil bugger), all right? Keep that in mind.

For my Business Concepts class, our teacher had us look up car insurance quotes, and make up our information. I guess she didn’t take into account that the insurance people would actually…

I’ll yell you why she didn’t laugh, she was likely under the impression Mr Flufferbottom was of High Stature, and she wanted your Business!!

MA: Lola-The Kinks

There’s a few bands that are really known for these types of songs. Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and many others. Particularly in the Rock/ Metal genre. More modern examples are Escape The Fate’s The Guillotine, This War is Ours (Guillotine Part 2), and The Aftermath (G3). They’re three songs that together form an epic story that spans almost 20 minutes. Also Avenged Sevenfold has some good ones. A Little Piece of Heaven is the one that immediately comes to mind.

Haha xD

LOL i did that once, with a Dominos xD my name was Jeffersen Steelflex. Dum Dumz don’t watch Drake And Josh haha

A similiar thing happened to me, but my name is actually Ron Burgundy… 🙁

MQ: Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys

Yes, that would truly be an unfortunate last name.

Another Saturday Night – Sam Cooke

Really cool story!

Arlo Guthrie- “Alice’s Restauarant”. 19 minutes long, but funny all the same:

Haha, man, that is something that I would’ve pulled off in school back in the day. Flufferbottom, it sounds so fake, yet so eloquent.

MA: Online – Brad Paisley

LMFAO!!! I am SOOOOOOOO calling you Kevin Flufferbottom from now on!!!!!

hahahaahahahahaahahah….ya goof 😛


Hahaha thats great!!

ma: hm, can’t think of anything right now!

This is why MY kids go to a private school!

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