Should the All Star game determine home field advantage in the World Series?

I think this is rediculous…..The players on teams that have no chance of winning may not player as hard or plan a injuries (ex. flu) and not play at all. The team that accomplish the best record should get home field advantage!

Not as long as you have fans voting and the requirement that each team have a representative, no. baseball needs to decide whether the All Star Game is an exhibition game meant truly as a celebration of the game, or whether it is important. I say give iot back to the fans.
but I also don’t think that the team with the best regular season record should get the home field advantage either. I’m a Cubs fan, but am willing to admit that the American league is, at this time, the more dominant league. You could argue that a record of 98-64 in the American League is actually better then a record of 100-62 in the National League. As long as you have an unbalanced schedule, regular season record is not necessarily the best way to determine who the “better” team is.
For many, many , many years, the home field advantage for the World Series was determined simply on an alternating basis. 4 games would be played at the NL park in even numbered years, and in the AL park in odd numbered years. Going back to this would basically set it for eternity, and nobody sould possibly complain that it “wasn’t fair”.
The only reason that baseball has this mess is because Selig had a knee jerk reaction to something that really was not nearly the tragedy everyone seems to make it out to be. Is a 12 inning tie game really all that catastophic in a game that is meant to be an exhibition? I was watching that game, and it didn’t bother me one bit that it ended in a tie. I got to see 12 innings of baseball played by (for the most part) the best players in the game. Every player got into the game, so the fans of every team got to see “their guy”, and we got 33% more baseball then usual.
I think they should simply say up front – we are going to have a limit on the number of innings played. Set it at 12 maybe. This would then allow the managers to get every one in without worrying about running out of players. All it will take is for one pitcher to have to pitch 5 innings in relief (or worse yet – a position player having to pitch) and miss his next start, or worse yet, get hurt while doing it, for baseball to realize it’s just not worth it. And if the game is tied at the end of 12 innings – call it a night. Everyone could get to bed, all the players would have still had fun, and the fans would have seen a great game. Certainly not the tragedy everyone makes it out to be. And I think the fans would go for it as long as they knew it ahead of time, rather then it being a spur of the moment decision made by a man who probably has a difficult time deciding between ham or bacon for breakfast without starting a committee to investigate the decision.

Don’t worry, Yankee Fan. It won’t “negatively affect” you this year… the Yankees will be at home for this year’s World Series – they’ll be at home on their couch watching the Twins play! LOL. By the way, you get props for spelling “affects” correctly. I think 99% of Yahoo! Answers users would have written “effects” there. And that is incorrect usage. I think good grammar/spelling deserve recognition. As for your question… whether the Yankees get to the WS or not, I don’t think homefield advantage is a big deal. The only time any team really gets 4 home games is if the series goes 7 games. And that hasn’t happened since 2002, which was before they even instituted the homefield advantage rule. In a 4 or 6 game series, the home field is even. In a 5 game series, the other team actually has the advantage. So I think the whole to-do about the homefield advantage being determined by the AS game is way overblown. It doesn’t matter that much either way.

This is just another example of “Media hype”. I really don’t care who “WINS” the All-Star Game. I love watching this exhibition of Major League Baseball stars and their enormous and marvelous talents.
If any non player who visits this website has ever stood in against, even an average big league pitcher can attest, it is a terrifying experience. And this guy is only average?
Wow! I don’t want to even think about the above average pitchers.
You gain a lot more respect for “Mendoza line” hitters.

I agree with you about not making this a game that decides home field advantage in the World Series.

This is stupid, and your reasons for why it is stupid, resonate with me.

The All-Star Game should be, “and it was in the past”, just an exhibition by these gifted athletes, of their abilities.

No. The All-Stars is an exhibition game, which means no one really takes it seriously. If everyone did take it seriously, starting pitchers would be pitching more than just one or two innings, and starting position players would probably play the whole game. And fans probably wouldn’t be voting if it was so serious, so the best, not popular, players will play. I agree with you. Best record should get home field advantage.

My answer is no. Postseason home field advantage should be determined by regular season win-loss record. If the All-Star game is going to “count” then the players selected should get full World Series shares.

I enjoy the game being worth something. Would tajada have played so hard and made all those good plays if the game was just for show? i enjoyed watching the guys go all out and play hard. i can remember before “this time it counts” that the all-stars looked lazy and they were just out there to be in the spotight. so i like it the way it is.
maybe they could change the substitution rule so that the starters could come back into the game. that only seems right that the starters play more than the reserves since they are on the winningest teams.

No it shouldn’t. The Home Field advantage should go to the team with the better record between the two in the World Series. Like last night, any other outfielder would have got a one bouncer throw to home plate, but McClouth bounced it 3 times, and it cost them the game. So what I’m saying is home field advantage should be based on a team performance, not a bunch of random guys.

We’ve been down this road many times this week.

I full agree with your assessment. Incidentally, that is how Francona managed the team last night. Like it was a show for the fans. Taking ARod and Jeter out mid-inning is an old way of allowing the fans to applaud their favorites. He put everyone in the game. And his team still managed to come out on top.

One more thing, he had Mo go the ninth and tenth, giving him an excellent chance for the win. Personally, I would have put him in in the fourth and left him there until his arm fell off. You caught me. I am a Red Sox fan.

Maybe the team with the best record should get it.
But the All-Star game winner was an improvement. Before it was alternating years. A.L. in odd years, N.L. in even years.

The 1987 Twins had a marginal record, yet won, in part to playing in an odd-year and having home field advantage.

Nope, not at all. It’s no longer an exhibition game because it means something now. I say either rotate NL one year and AL the folowing or the best regular season record gets home field so that teams are rewarded for playing good during the regular season.

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