Survey: Have you ever come home, and thought to yourself…”This place looks smaller than when I left it?”

That’s what a girl says when she takes a peek down her BF’s swim trunks … AFTER he gets out of the pool.

I feel for you because it is obvious that you are going through agony. Consider the possibility that your husband is gay and whether he is prepared to admit it or not there is no possible way that you can give him what he wants and through no fault of your own. You are a bright intelligent loving person so why are you so hung up on a guy who treats you so badly, who is blatantly secretive and is never going to give you what you want. You deserve so much better than that. Make a start today by getting rid of his stuff. Flog it, donate it, chuck it. He after all chose to leave it. Ask yourself why a normal married couple would even have a man cave? You know the answer, so clear it our paint it pink and begin to leave your own life. You are wasting time on a guy you should not want to take back.

Hit the highway for 110 days in a 42 foot motor home and yes the wall do come tumbling in.

what a great question Mr. PocketP. i lived on a 37′ sailboat for 11 years and the smaller it got, the smaller i had to be.

OMG Pocket!!!! It’s the space time continuum! If you don’t throw salt over your back RIGHT NOW next time you will come home to a hole in the universe!

Only when Rosie O’Donnell comes over.

It never has. Because I live in a large home by myself sometimes it feels bigger.

Oh, pshaw. The drugs are just wearing off.


(Unfortunately, it was not, in fact, my house and the cops called it breaking and entering.)

Yes, sometimes. My room, I say that a lot.

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