Urgent!!! Please help… Serious answers only…?

I’m kinda thirsty. Should I drink Coke or Sprite?

have some coke and pop rocks




You should have went to contact the police when you were outside the first time. Plus he didn’t even know you were watching him then. With that said, You have various options and I would choose the one that works for you. 1. Yell out the window…The Cops Are On The Way!!! 2. Hide with a weapon that would be effective using where you’re hiding. Another words you can’t swing a bat from inside a closet. So that wouldn’t be a good weapon for there. I would use a big kitchen knife or a can of hair spray to blind him or both. If you have a can of WD-40 you can apply flame to it and make a mini flame thrower out of it (serious). True you could set your home ablaze but better to lose your home than your life right? You could die in the fire but at least this gives you a fighting chance to pull through this terrible ordeal. 3. Use your Internet to contact someone anyone. Tell them of your situation. Through chat rooms or IM. This could prove tricky. Because they could think you’re lying and they wouldn’t want to get involved or charged with making a false report if you were just joking around. Obviously someone you knew and trusted would be favorable. 4. You could make a run for it but first try to determine where he is so that you can have a lead on him by running the opposite direction. Try to head for a well lit area. I wouldn’t rely on a home that was in darkness. Waiting for someone to wake up will exhaust valuable time! Flag down a vehicle or any passer by if possible.

Personally I would go with Sprite because it doesn’t have any caffeine, but coke tastes a little bit better. But if you’re really thirsty try some ice water or gatorade. Something healthy for you and that will quench your thirst.

A Coke of course

Sprite will give you the hiccups if you drink it fast so go with coke!

drink a big class of lemon aid instead of a coke

Why you think this is important escapes me. Have a Coke and find something else to do.

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