What is it about religion that makes the idea of being religious so appealing to those converted?

Please note, this question is not meant to offend anyone; purely a wondering. I have flirted with the idea of converting to religious matters in the past, but always been held off by the realistic elements that some (not all!) religions seem to ignore; I also find I’m unable to ignore the historical…

A confused individual gets brainwashed…I’m sorry, exactly what don’t you understand?

It is rather hard to convince something that is invisible especially come to religion. There is so many good examples that explain “not everything needs to be visible to confirm its existence”. Sometimes, we need to accept the truth by common sense and facts. Like, the air, everybody convinces the existence of the air even they can’t see it. Because we feel the air and the air is within us. Our soul, everybody
dreams sometimes, it is our soul that wanders around when we were asleep. Why do we accept these truths even there are invisible.
Religions are divided into man-made and The One and Only Almighty.
Most people would care less regarding the truth just simply because
“seeing is believing”, they don’t even know what they are made up of,
why they are here on earth, the purpose of life.
You should accept the fact that “those that live will die”, life is the preliminary stage towards the eternity, it is between the good and evil
that we have to go through our entire life, where our soul will return to where it belongs and answer for what we have done when we were alive.
Realizing that we are made up of the earth (in the form of flesh), water, air and fire (in the form of blood), relate yourself to the earth and the universe, thanks for God’s benevolence that provided us with food in the land, in the sea and in the air and the atmosphere which keeps us alive. God is detected by our heart not by the naked eyes.

it is not the idea of religion, or being associated with a religion. It is the knowledge of being saved by grace and knowing that I didn’t do anything to deserve it. It is knowing that I am no better than anyone else in this world. That it is not a prayer, or works or a “religion” that saves me it is God and God alone that does and I continually have to work on my relationship with Him because I can always be doing things better. It is the community, it is knowing that I don’t have to depend on this world to make me happy…there is so much more, but it is not religion that has anything to offer (religion is a cultural, human, worldly thing) it is Jesus that has everything to offer

solid question. If I have been a Christian, i do no longer understand what i might discover pleasing relating to the undeniable fact that then 2/3 of the worldwide’s inhabitants may be going to Hell for no longer accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. no longer to show the undeniable fact that they had have acquaintances and relatives going there besides. it variety of sounds like a burden. to boot, the bible is a lot from pleasing. look at lots of the bible is repulsive video clips on YouTube. yet on a brighter fringe of issues, the presence of religion in people’s lives could lead on them to happier (although i do no longer see why thinking the above, except they are egotistical).

well im a christian even though i notice the extremely sinful actions of some people. the reason is that many christians have turned from the bible which is the way God has for us to know him, and if people don’t even know what he wants us to do, then how can they do it right except by the weirdest coincidence ever? i decided that i was going to be different. not care about what others think. take on things. be an example to others.

After 38 years I saw in Christians something I did not have,hope,life and a sense of purpose. I went to church for the first time I heard of the love of Christ I invited him into my life, I to now have a purpose a hope a promise,now people see that in me and follow me into church through the love of Christ!

I did not join a religion I just opened my heart to Jesus. It is NOT about a (religion) Just knowing His great love for us.

There’s a sucker born every minute


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