Which pet is good dog or rabbit?

I want to buy a pet either a dog or a rabbit. Which pet is less expensive and good for health, as I am asthmatic also.

rabbit is good than dog . dogs chase innocent pedestrian and two wheeler travellers

Finding the right animal can be a tough decision, even if your asthmatic. Some animals have hypoallergenic coats and can be kept by the owners without a problem. Hypoallergenic coats are coats on animals that make them non-allergenic. If you want to find out more about hypoallergenic pets like rabbits and dogs, ask a local vetenarian or pet store keeper. They’ll give you more information on how to keep a pet if you are allergic.

Especially if your asthma is severe, I suggest not to keep pets..

If u r really interested then try ‘Toy dogs’ like, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer..
and also, Keep your pet out of your room.
Have your pet live outside in the yard, if possible.
Don’t hug or kiss your pet.
Clean your room really well and get rid of any rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting.
Keep your room free of dust.
Have someone else wash and brush your pet every week.
Make sure everyone in your family washes their hands after touching the pet.

No pet is cheap. You can walk a dog, train it, play ball,swim or watch a movie together.Research and choose the right dog, or rabbit for your lifestyle.

Both are expensive pets. Both have a lifespan of potentially into their teens. Both can run up huge vets bills. Both will shed a lot of fur. Unlike dogs, rabbits will litter train.

They are very different animals. Do a lot of research on both species care before you buy one, there’s a lot of commitment involved in taking them on.

Rabbit is good for you.

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Since you are asthmatic you might want to get a dog that doe not shed.

both are good,rabbit is less expensive and dog is more lovable than rabbit make your choice

dog is a good pet

Dog is the best friend of man….rabbit stinks sooo much their piss will be so smelly

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