Who of you believe on black magic or spells or cures ,?

What do you think about all those “magic” and”spells”on the net?

what you are seeing on the internet about on-line spell and curse casting are all fakes it doesnt work like that in the art of black and white magic. Casting a bad and good intention curse or spell needs a true energy and it doesnt work out for people who cast curse or spells for you. And to answer your questions about the reality of black and White magic, YES they are real.( for example , if you see your love ones or anybody that is quite or close to you weeping you will be affected in anyhow about the negative energies she or he is throwing out in the astral space , it’s same universal procedure in casting a spell ) But you need to cast a spell or curse with true intention wether its a negative or positive energy. The chances of successfully casting a curse or spell is by casting it with yourself that have a solid connection with your own negative and positive emotion that will change all the astral energies floating around you and to the person you want to receive the spell or curse. But all curse and spell casting travel in a circular path like a boomerang , whatever energies you threw out there in the astral world it will definitely comes back to you three fold and sometimes more . its called karma. the law of the universe. Casting a spell or curse doesnt really necessary need to use a lot of tools like what you people seen on the movies or read in the internet. its all about the thought , and pure intentions that will tilt the space around you.( A great and very experienced witchcraft can cast a curse by just thinking of it ) the more emotion you are keeping inside you the more energies you will be able to throw out. and the possibilities of success is 85 percent. but it wont happen as soon as you threw the spell , it sometimes take days , months or years or perhaps it wont happen , it also depends on the person you are trying to curse, if her or his energies are low she will be affected or if she is sick when you threw out the curse the possibilities it will happen is very much more likely because of all the negative energy around your victim.
But if i were you i will stop on learning this stuffs , its a very dangerous play if you are not an expert , nobody wins when you cast a spell , and at the end of the day you will both get it wheter you like it or not.

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white or black magic it’s all evil to undo black magic there are a lot of ways just remember one time done it removes 1 spell so you have to repeat it untill all spells are undone 1- open the window put some sea salt in a pan or something and put it on the stove when it heats remove it from the stove and sit near it for 15 minutes if you can’t find any kind of salt will do throw it in the garbage if you want to undo a magic from a friend hold his photo over the heated salt repeat until the salt remains white because some part of the salt will change colour might be black , gray , brown , pink or other depending on the kind of magic this also kicks out ghousts 2- imagine black clouds leaving your home, body or where you are they can be white or other colour depending on the type of the spell 3- take some beeswax melt it and pour it in a bowl filled with cold water instead of beeswax you can use candles -church candles are actually made of it or another kind of wax it’s best to do it with beeswax 4-take a glass fill it with water up to the middle break one fresh egg in it put it under your bed or near and in the morning if the egg looks like cooked then the magic is undone and is now in the egg and water be very carefull do not touch it pour it in the toilet and flush it 5 6 times till its all gone throw away the glass in the garbage make sure you dont touch it from the inside because the magic will be back on you the one who sent it will now have it repeat till the egg remains the same as when you break it most probably you will have more than 1 black magic you can also use a jar or something once you clean your aura it won’t be so easy for anyone to spell you

Magic and spells on the Internet are the equivalent of McDonald’s fast food. Even when you (rarely) do get something real, it still sucks.

Anyone who asks you for money for a spell is probably just out to rob you blind. Spells are based on the direction of personal energy and focused willpower; if the person who designed the spell doesn’t know you from Adam, and you don’t have the skill to cast it yourself, the result is a whole lot of nothin’.

I am Wiccan, and I m just starting, but I already kinda knew about them. they are meatn to guide. I have taken a few, and I have gleaned alot and learned alot. I have picked and choosen what I will use, with great discerment. For the most part,though,i feel they are meant for entertainment purposes.
I do not believe in black magic,or white magic,there is just magick.

Sure i believe in magik there are many things in the natural world that cant be easily seen or explained but that doesn’t mean its not real

As for the spells and stuff on-line. saying a some words and lighting a few candles is not going to do anything. There is alot more to it then that

Don’t believe mainly because I’ve never encountered any of it. so there are spells found on the net? I don’t even believe more than 50 percent on what’s on the net…

I don’t use spells off of the net. I prefer to write my own.

Prairiecrow done answered as I would have.
Although I do agree with Janet also, you can find a good base to guide you for your own spellwork on some sites like

Well, I guess I’ll try and say something good. They can be useful as a guide of whatnot to do and sometimes you can get ideas from them. If they are asking for money skip on by them.

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