Why do many people in the United States call the Queen of the United Kingdom the Queen of England?

That hasn’t been her title for years. Why can, in general, people in the UK differenciate between Canada and the USA yet people in the USA (the ones I have met and spoken to) cannot offer us the same curtesy by learning the difference between the UK and England?

Because it is simply too confusing. It is really hard to understand that all 4 countries consider themselves to be independent countries, but all are part of the U.k. Even Brits who have explained this repeatedly on here, contradict each other. She IS the Queen of England, she lives in England, and I have never once heard of her referred to as “Queen of the United Kingdom.” I realize she is the Queen of all the 4 countries as well as all the commonwealth countries. I think calling her the Queen of the United Kingdom is a recent thing. All 4 countries are supposedly equal, but sure does appear that England is a lot more “equal” than the others. Royalty in general is confusing and generally unpopular with Americans. Not trying to be disrespectful, but ever since King George, we have not been too fond of royalty. When was the title changed? I truly thought her title was “Queen of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, etc., etc.”

Taken from the official monarchy website in the UK.

The Queen is Head of State in the United Kingdom. Her official title in the UK is “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith”.

So to those of you confused about what she actually is, there you go.

Why can’t they learn the difference? Because it is confusing to those who know nothing about this country (yet easy enough to google and obtain an answer in less than 2 minutes…). I’m sure if I asked you about the history and separation of certain states in the US or Canada, you wouldn’t be too sure either. You could also argue about the generalising ignorance of certain countries… but I won’t go there. 🙂

Laziness could be an answer also.

LMAO Im British born and raised and i’ve always referred to the Queen as the Queen Of England.
Just like i’ve always referred to Charles as the Prince Of Wales.

Most people in Scotland, Ireland and Wales don’t see the Queen as their queen, especially with our own (or requesting our own) parliaments..
Come to think of it alot of English themselves don’t see the queen as their queen either, the royal’s are kept around out of respect and for the tourists – they dont really have and power and they dont really effect the UK in any significant way (Other than their charity work)

I had no idea her real title was the queen of the united kingdom. haha ive always said queen of england. and what is the difference between england in the UK? and honestly i dont care if you differenciate between canada and the US b/c i dont talk to any englanders ever. except this one time two englanders came to this tennis camp where i was and they were real snobs. and why do englanders call the US the states?? just say the state youre going to, like cali, or whatever. englanders are so odd.

Real English people don’t care about the Queen.

It’s just a stereotype by Americans that we’re all facinated by the royal family.

-_- queen lizzy 2nd of england, wales, queen lizzy 1st of scotland and northen ireland.

who cares im from wales and why should prince charles be prince of wales when he doesn’t give a dam about anyone of us who live here.

but long live queen elizabeth r

Mrs Windsor has nothing to do with Ireland whatsoever.

Does it matter? Chill out. There are wars going on.

Because we’re stuck up and care only about ourselves?

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