Why does everyone think Donald Trump has fake hair?

As rich as Donald Trump is, why does everyone insist on thinking his hair is fake, or that he’s just wearing some kind of weird looking wig, or dead animal on his head? He said his hair is 100% real, and that he’s been combing it the same way for years. The only thing he does to it is color it because he…

Most of his hair has fallen out thus the creative comb over with that one very long lonely hair.

I don’t think anyone actually thinks that-it’s just a joke and a way for people to make fun of him. His hair is clearly real lol

I think it’s just become a running joke like the Leo not winning an Oscar thing was and people are just saying it because everyone else is

It’s because it looks fake to some people. William Shatner wears a toupee so you can see the comparison.

my dad reported that he have been given cameras to stick to him whilst he did his hair. that it took like an hour to air dry, and he had the camers checklist the whoooole rattling element. :O haha real.

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