Why doesn’t my computer have network Connections?

My gateway laptop recently had a problem which forced me to reinstall the working environment. It had WIRELESS internet built right into it but when i go to network connections I don’t even see wireless as a choice, nor do I see my LOCAL AREA CONNECTION how do I get it them back on there?

There are several reasons it could be
sorry there is one more that should be checked first glad i didn’t for get this. there is possibly a button on the laptop that turns on or off the wireless capabilities. if it doesn’t have a button on the outside then it is most likely a combo of two keys one of which is FN (function) the other would be one if the F keys look for the symbol that has a wifi logo i will look like an i with u on it http://www.webstercounty.lib.mo.us/wifi%…
hold FN and press that F button (not the letter F one of the keys F1-F12) if its not that then go to step 1
1. some laptops disable network connections when not plugged in to a power source that can be checked by plugging in powers. If it is plug ed in and still not showing up then look at step 2
2. the drivers are not loaded. check by
right click on my computer
click properties
hardware tab
device manager button and if you see any that have a yellow question mark then the driver is not there otherwise you can click on the network adapters and try to reinstall the driver if not thing shows up for the item ither yellow or there correctly then go to step 3
3. this could be a setting that has gotten changed in the systems bios
reboot and hit ither f2 or Del key varies on different machines could also be f10 in rare cases look under the tabs until you find built in Lan or on board Lan and see if it is enabled. if it is if that is working then you might have a bad NIC which in most cases would mean a motherboard would need to be replaced or a usb nic or PCIE card would be needed.

If each and every thing is working, your information superhighway get admission to comes into the domicile in the process the telephone or cable line, into the modem/cable modem/DSL modem, and then into the “WAN” or “information superhighway” plug on the router. From the router the cables are in many situations linked to the desktops that are interior sight. If the Router has an antenna, there could desire to be on the spot information superhighway throughout the time of your place. to connect your workstation to the on the spot information superhighway, make optimistic the application for the USB on the spot-element is put in. click its icon on the backside ultimate corner of your show screen, and there could desire to be an decision for “view attainable networks” or something comparable. (it varies) elect the only with the main sign (like cellular bars) as a results of fact it extremely is going to be the only on your place. Ask your brother if he set a WEP password. If he did, you’re able to be able to desire to pass into it. and that’s it. *phew*

Goto ur motherboards vendor website

and download the correct drivers for the wlan !!!

in device manager, u can see what drvers ur missing
as each device without drivers will have a yellow ” ! ” mark !!!


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