Why is korean society very homophobic but japanese is not?

Went I was in school in Osaka , I had an openly gay teacher who was hired by the school and he flaunted very gay mannerisms too. that were quite obvious. and homophobia is not rampant in Japan with any history of strong opposition towards homosexual.like europe. even samurai practiced it. Now japan isnt as Open…

I believe Japanese people tend to respect privacy more than Koreans.
Koreans believe getting married and having children is some of the most valuable duties as a human being. Therefore, being gay means one does not have sense of duty.

Many Koreans are indeed extremely homophobic and they claim homosexuality comes from the western world(not from Japan).
But at the same time, since Koreans assume everyone’s straight, you can often see guys are holding hands, walking arm in arm with each other. Also, many straight guys do not hesitate to wear pink shirts, skinny jeans and a purse. Ironic? huh!

The older and the less educated males tend to be more homophobic than the younger and the more educated females. Christianity does evoke homophobic sentiment in Korea but many non-Christian Koreans still harass gay people which is sad.

Japan isn’t very open to and accepting of homosexuality either. (compared to the western world!) They just don’t care about other people’s businesses and avoid aggressive comments unlike Koreans. Many Japanese gay guys are not out to their families.

It’s because, as others have mentioned before, Japan has an older history of accepting gays than Korea. In fact, it was only after those idiotic European Christian missionaries went to Japan and judged them as “barbaric,” that the Japanese became more reticent towards gays and that attitude has softened only relatively recently. Korea also has more Confucianism than Japan, meaning they have stricter ideas about people’s “roles” in society and more sexual repression. As others have already said here before, Korea also has a high population of Christians while most Japanese profess to having no religion. That also explains the difference in level of acceptance. The hypocritical thing is that Koreans are SO nosy about everyone’s relationships, constantly asking if you have a girlfriend or wife. And of course, they’re so shocked if you say your gay, despite the fact that it’s THEM who were so nosy in the first place. Most Japanese are pretty respectful about not probing into your personal life. Basically, in Japan it’s more like “don’t ask, don’t tell”. While in Korea, it’s “ask, but don’t tell.”

And for those of you fanatic Koreans who are saying that being homophobic doesn’t make you unintelligent, you’re right. After all, many Nazis were also very intelligent and well-educated. They still imprisoned, tortured, and executed many gays. So, as I was saying, it doesn’t make you unintelligent, but it DOES make you ignorant, narrow-minded, and bigoted.

It all depends on where and which part of Korea you are talking about.
Not all of Korea is homophobic like how not all of America is homophobic.
In fact, Korea and Japan have a very similar view of homosexuality, that it comes from the western world and it can spread (almost like a disease). HOWEVER, that is how older people think. People who are in their 70s. The younger generation (most younger generation) are more open to it because they have family members or friends who are gay/lesbian.

I have many relatives in Korea and friends who are from Japan (born and raised) and most think people who are attracted to the same sex is not a big deal. Of course, if someone suddenly tell someone that you’re gay, some will be a little shocked by it at first but they won’t won’t shun him/her.

Watch these two videos. These are people from Korea who talk about homosexuality in Korea.
And remember; It all depends on the person. It’s not like the whole nation is homophobic and discriminant towards gay people.



Part of it is the heavy Christian influence in Korea, as you mention. Also, many Korean men are obsessive about their masculinity, and so are uncomfortable with homosexuality. It’s simply the way their culture is. In Japan, however, homosexuality was traditionally celebrated in their culture — for instance, in the “shudo” aesthetic of the samurai. Finally, Korean culture as a whole is also obsessed with “racial purity” in a manner unlike other Asian countries such as China and Japan. Throughout history, nations that emphasize the homogeneity of their “bloodline” tend to be intolerant of not just other nations and cultures, but other sexualities as well. It’s an obsession about keeping the national body “the same,” without space for variations and differences, of which homosexuality is just one instance.

You know, sometimes, I tell other people I want to go to Korea. When I tell them this, I usually hear how much Koreans hate Americans, and how racist they are towards us. But no, I defend you guys.

Sometimes I wonder if I m actually wrong when I say that not all Koreans hate Americans.

Jesus, are you that Koyangi guy again? Does Korea have homophobia because they lack culture, intelligence, and education? Uh, no. We have plenty of that. And actually only 40% of the Korean population is Christian. The rest are either Buddhist or non-religious. Besides, those Koreans you bring up are only fanatics. All countries have cults and fanatics.

So to get to your question, why are Koreans so homophobic? Well in general Korea is a contradictory culture. Sex is bad for any common day-to-day talk but it’s rampant in the media. That being said, the conservative nature of Korean culture and the general repression of the concept of sex in daily life may probably have to do with it. Imagine how much harder it is for homosexual relationships when heterosexual activity is so kept under wraps. That’s as far as I know.

By the way, I don’t really understand why you’re calling us arrogant and rude. Do you really not see the hypocrisy in calling others arrogant when you’re the one who starts angering them by belittling their culture?

Americans are very funny, ppl don’t accept homosexuality so they are automatically unintelligent. Koreans have on avg 10 point higher IQ than Americans and score higher all across the board in every subject I doubt we are the ones that are unintelligent and delusional

South koreans love US. So they love christianity. Christianity = aggressive homophobes

Homophobia In Korea

I can’t fully answer that, but I do know that Japan has a very rich history of sexuality which includes flagrant homosexuality. So that would explain their lack of phobia.

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