Will Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L engine, 240Hp tow a 17ft Maxum bowrider boat?

I am soon to purchase Mercury Grand Marquis between the years 1992 -2001. It has 4.6L V8 engine, 240hp. Will the towing of the boat be hard on the car’s engine/transmission?

The towing trip is approximately 4 miles each way, to the Bay, 4 miles return home.

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More than likely the drivetrain can handle it, but I would be more worried if the hitch and suspension of the car could handle the added weight. You will need to find out the Gross Towing Weight capacity, and then make sure the trailer and boat and any additional gear in the boat weighs less than that. Then you will have to get a trailer hitch that can match that towing amount. I agree with the trans cooler. Lower trans temp=Longer trans life. I towed an 1800 pound U-haul trailer with my 87 Mustang, and it only had a 2.3L and an automatic with a cooler. I know I was working that little 4cyl, but it pulled the hills better than the big rigs.

Mercury Grand Marquis Towing Capacity

No doubt the car will tow the boat but as stated earlier my question would have to be how well will it stop it? You should be fine as long as you do not have to stop quickly. If it was me I would defiantly look into installing a transmission cooler. I know you are only pulling it four miles each way but if you have any hills to pull in any hot weather it can damage the tranny.

It’s rated for 1500 pounds, so probably not.

The Subaru Legacy can tow more than that for ****’s sake.

edit: Whoever voted this down, check the links. The Grand Marquis IS only rated at 1500 pounds. The Subaru Legacy is rated at 2700. The HYUNDAI ELANTRA with the right options is rated at over 3000. Body on frame or not, the Panther platform is not that great for towing.

It will tow 3500 lbs without a problem. It is a full frame car and has plenty of power.

It will tow it just fine just don’t tow in overdrive

Not too far…

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