Will there ever be a peaceful solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict?

How do you think it might end, if at all?
Please no biased rants either way, try and give a neutral answer.

there is only one way it can end really.
the israeli’s want israel, to put it even more simply the jews want a homeland, to an extent they would even be willing to make compromises as to the boarders of the country but they want to be a nation. it’s difficult to remember that judaism is not just a religion it’s also a culture and i think it would be really hard not having anywhere in the world where people are like you.
the palestinian’s also want israel, the difference is they simply don’t want to share. they don’t want the jews to be there they want them to be somewhere else. i don’t know how much of it is anti-semitism and how much is because they feel it’s their holy land but the thing that bugs me is that it’s also the holy land of catholics and christians and most other religions so it simply has to be shared.

something most people don’t realise is that this all goes deeper than israel being declared a nation after WW2. before WW2 when jews were evacuating germany and surrounding countries and even before then when jews were escaping the russian ghettos they were legitimately buying land in palestine. jews in other countries like america donated heaps and heaps of money so that displaced jews could buy farms and they purchased these legally from palestinians. just like if i went and bought a house at auction and moved in.

i don’t mean they bought one or 2 little blocks of land, they were buying heaps and the palestinians were happy to sell. the sort of land they were buying was swamp, or rocky, you couldn’t use it for farming so they were getting lots of land really cheap. but the jews worked and drained the swamps and moved the rocks. this is over years and years and then they had some great land. by this time the arabs realised how many jews were moving in and got worried and that’s where things started getting nasty and israel was created but then the arabs thought the jews got too much and there was the arab-israeli conflict and it just goes on and on.

so personally i am on the side of the israeli’s and i’m sure my answer probably reflects that. but everything i have said here is truth based on the history electives i’ve been taking at uni. so my basic answer is either the israeli’s are going to need a lump of land in the “holy land” (they are probably not going to give up where they are settled now though, i think to some extent they would change the borders because they have in the past with egypt but i don’t think they would compromise too much because they have been settled so long now) or the palestinians are going to want all of israel, they are not willing to compromise on that. there was a time soon after the arab-israeli conflict when there was strained peace between the two nations. the israeli’s had surpressed the palestinians and the palestinian’s built up their resources and armies and began the fighting again and they will continue to do the same until israel is theres and the jews are gone.
i think the saddest thing here though is that on both sides of the border people are raising their children to hate people they have never met.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was eventual peace between the two. In my opinion I doubt this will occur. Religion is a divider of people unfortunately. I do think Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright did a remarkable job of negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine, they worked tirelessly, as did Condoleeza Rice during her term as Secretary of State. World leaders need to encourage peace talks and not condemn either side in order to achieve this. John Lennon’s song “Imagine” is idealistic but wouldn’t it be something if there was world peace.

Since the fight is over territory, Jerusalem to be exact & israel have made it quite clear they do not intend to share this city.
They give reasons as many countries are not asked or required to share their capital.
This has already happened ( well documented too ) & the outcome, although it took many years was peaceable.
Berlin was indeed divided.
Germany survived & the wall came down.
So I do not accept that as a viable excuse to claim Jerusalem for themselves & israel alone.
There are 3 holy places important to muslims this has been known since the 13th century.
Mecca ( obviously ) Medina & Jerusalem.
If this city isn’t shared as the original middle-east road map stated.
No I don’t see a peaceable solution.
Not unless both sides learn to share.

Yes it’s possible.

Hamas stops attacking Israel, and accepts its right to exist (which it has said it is willing to do).

Israel stops all settlement expansion, goes back to the 1967 lines and recognises the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. This doesn’t necessarily mean it accepts those refugees into it’s borders, it just mean Israel reaches a just and fair resolution.

This is the solution under international law, otherwise there would be no peace.

Given everyone feels justified to adopt terrorist strategies it will soon escalate not end. They are both living according to an eye for an eye ideology. Violence only begets violence, and both sides never seem to learn this.

In other words, no. The way BOTH sides are acting there will never be a peaceful solution.

Yes, via negotiation and compromise.

There will be much more bloodshed first unfortunately, but eventually there will be a free Palestine and a Jewish state retreated back to original borders.

Everyone knows that will have to happen some day, shame people can’t be more open and honest.

My idea is bring many:
1. Israelis and Palestinians.
2. Israeli and Palestinian leaders.
3. Israeli and Palestinian supporters.
4. Israeli and Palestinian journalists.
5. Israeli and Palestinian thinkers.

Remove all arms and ammunitions from all of them and provide them with same food, cloth, drinks etc. Put equal numbers of respective groups in different places and let them debate and discuss their issues. Record them all.

Then independent people will judge their point of contentions, validity, and strength of arguments/claims instead of bombing each other to extinction.

Israel is dependent on the support of America the U.K. and other european countries…. these countries are declining politically and financially. If the Arab states unite (and have the nuclear weapons.. which they will have eventually) then Gaza will be used as an excuse to attack Israel

God recently visited the UN and took questions from the world leaders.

US President Obama: “Will the US and Iran ever sit down together at the conference table, resolve all their differences and become friends?”

“Yes my son, but not in your lifetime.”

President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak: “Will the Northern and Southern Koreans ever sit down together at the conference table, resolve all their differences and become friends?”

“Yes my son, but not in your lifetime.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Will the Israeli’s and Palestinian’s ever sit down together at the conference table, resolve all their differences and become friends?”

“Yes my son, but not in my lifetime.”

Not until you neutralise hamas and Hezbollah – left to their own devices palestinians are just normal people trying to get on with life!

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