Would you call a british world war 2 bomber a war hero?

If so, what would you call a world war 2 germany bomber? A scumbag who killed innocent people?

Operational service in Bomber Command in WW2 was highly dangerous, aircrew suffering a high casualty rate.

Aircrew obeyed orders, they didn’t have time to ponder or discuss the moral or ethical implications of what they were doing. The strategy of carpet bombing to kill civilians was conceived and implemented by Sir Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command, and endorsed (at least initially) by Churchill.The rank and file had no say in any of this, and anyway,involved in a war where the enemy was trying to conquer and enslave their country probably didn’t have much problem coming to terms with the ethics of their situation, even if they thought about it.

Civilian casualties were high everywhere during WW2; if you’re going to castigate aircrew for causing civilian casualties, you must also do the same for artillerymen bombarding enemy troops/positions in built up areas and troops involved in streetfighting – which all seems rather harsh to me.

a British bomber is a hero in a Brit eyes but a scumbag in the Germans eyes and vice versa, but it had to be done….hey they started it 😛

I would guess because nobody really knew what to expect when they were designed boeing designed the B17 as a “flying fortress” bombers still were pretty defenseless without fighter escort. only the P 51 had the range to to all the way into germany Lots of WW II aircraft history available

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