Would you change anything about this yamster prayer?

Oh mighty hamster, who art in yahoo, yamster be thy name….thy questions come, and answers done, in yahoo as they are in google….Give us this day, our daily star…..forgive us for our violations, as we forgive those who report us…lead us not into suspension, and deliver us from deletion…. Yamen

I’ve been praying to the Yamser for the last few months and have had the same percentage of prayers answered as when I prayed to god – go figure

I’m going to start praying to you next dude and see if it goes any higher

That was creative, what about the Hail Mary version….Hail Yamy full of grace….oh I can’t think of the rest, my brain is fried. But your Yamster Pray is perfect…500 years from now when people find all this info on yahoo they might actually think the yamster was some sort of God.

There’s answers in Google?

Sounds good to me!

Nope. Pretty good stuff. However, I personally prefer to pray to the one true diety — the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!! All hail His Supreme Noodliness!!!!!


rebel yamster makes good breakfast food for bear grylls

I want to hear your version of…”for though I walk in the Valley of Suspension…” (lol)



I would change “forgive us for our violations” to “forgive us our violations.”


HA HA I like it


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