Do you think Obama will be elected again?

This question has been bugging me because even if he trys really hard he will not be able to fix the economy completely in his first term. I think he might start getting attacked like Bush did on the news. The news is already talking about how he didn’t bring the change he promised. I mean even if McCain was…

Honestly it is much too early to predict the outcome of an election which will not occur until 2012. It really depends on the effectiveness of his proposed policies. Right now the economy is the primary focus, but even if the situation improves it will just be replaced by the next big political hotbed issue. Trust me when I say there is always another political hotbed issue waiting in the wings.

He’ll be reelected. You betcha. Obama is aggressively doing things to straighten out our economy and taking steps to get every American insured while McCan’t would have done relatively nothing and allowed our economy to slip completely into a coma.
Obama is making the investments in our economy instead of simply cutting taxes and hoping everything will work out out of the goodness of everyones kind hearts and the wish lists of Bush’s that the churches would take care of all the sick, poor and destitute.
Obama is willing to take the steps his predecessors kept putting off on future generations. He has the balls to do it while Bush only had his own political future at heart, the hell with what was the right thing to do.

Well, first of all … Bush was reelected!


I’d have a wild guess and say:

Yes, he can probably get elected again.

But still,

It’s too early to say anything!

and, the media may suck on my nuckles. Of course he’s not bringing the solution to a world crises at his third month as president!

If he could then I’d really be sure that he’s nostradamus’ prophecies’ new anti-christ, you know (he – nostradamus – said the new anti-christ should come from the Horn of Africa, Quenya is there, he’s father’s from there!)

By the time he has completed 2 years in office we may be the USA Muslim nation , but if we are not then it could be worse than those hating Bush at two years .

Just give him another six months, the honeymoon will be over, and the American people will see him for the snake oil salesman he really is.

Good leader” just what is it he’s actually led so far, nothing that I or anyone else can see ? All he’s done is lie and let the Democrappies spend our money, that is, the money of our grandchildren and their children.

No way. btw- Bush did get elected to a 2nd term, so I don’t know why you are saying that ‘everyone hate him in 2 years like Bush.’

I’ve read a lot of differnet answers here. Well, I hope that he is re-elected. He can’t do any worse that the rest that was there in the White House. I’ll say no more. Enough of the foolishness!!!

No.In 2 years, he will be the most hated man in the world.

There is absolutely no possible way he’ll get reelected. NONE! Just look at all the criticism and backlash he is receiving and it’s not only been 100 days.

Absolutely not.

Inflation, steady unemployment, and broken campaign promises are going to deep six him.

Some brain dead “Hope & Changers” may go down with him like Slim Pickens on the bomb at the end of Stragelove.

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