Has Israel violated more UN Resolutions than Iraq did prior to the invasion?

Israel UN Resolutions/Violations

No, and unlike the Yankee Commentary, Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for citation.

Israel does not practice apartheid. Every Israeli citizen has full and equal rights under Israeli law, and there are Christian and Islamic members of the Knesset. As for the UN, Israel was officially a racist state from 1975-91, when a Nazi war criminal was Sec Gen. Anti-Semitism (ie Jew-hatred) is the only form of ethnic hatred the UN doesn’t condemn. The UN condemns Israel on a regular basis, but says nothing about Sudan, Rwanda, China, Lybia, Cuba, Syria, Saudi–some of which sit on the UN Human Rights Committee. (How’s that for irony?) Oh, and it took the UN 60 years to recognize the Holocaust. I would never use the UN as a credible source for anything.

Security Council or General Assembly resolutions?

The former are binding and hard to get passed. The latter allow lots of little countries to let off plenty of steam but are meaningless. Iraq violated more of the former, Israel violated more of the latter. That said, the stated reason for Bush’s invasion of Iraq, WMD, was bogus and known to be bogus. That’s what Plamegate is really about.

Does Israel continue to violate international boundaries, war crimes by kidnapping people across their border? Does Israel function more like North Korea than it functions like the USA? I think so. I think they are the reason for 90% of the problems in the middle east including the US being there in Iraq. I really don’t think we would be in Iraq if Israel was in south america. Thats my thoughts on that.
The UN has a antisemitic undertone? You mean, treating people according to their actions is considered unfair? I dont’ think so.
I dont’ believe we should be in Iraq but since we are, I support every means to get the job and get home. I think a lot of people are so afraid to be fair on this issue for fear of having any problems with Jews. Israel is a country, not a person. They operate the same as the USA does, aside from what it’s inhabitants would like. They do whatever they want and if you support them, you are really against peace in the middle east. Israel can close it’s borders and instead it continues to take land from it’s neighbors. They probably tell the people around them the USA will invade them if they don’t do as they say. Who’s gonna say they don’t?

Notice the non-binding nature of all the resolutions.

Israel violated the opinions of the UN? Boo hoo.

You bet! And for reasons known and unknown, they get the blind eye from the super powers, and are free to go on about their conduct. Never is it supported that they overstep their boundaries, use excessive force and are unreasonable. No, that can’t be supported, because it goes against the status quo brought about by the people with money and the people in government being paid. They don’t care about the people involved, on both sides, it’s all about money. You think they don’t sit back in their comfy chairs, smoking cigars and sipping cognac saying, “let them just kill each other”? Same here with minorities in ghettos and poverty.

Israel violates more than the UN resolutions.
They are self destructing
They are bringing upon themselves the historical Armageddon, with or without the help of US tax moneys.

Yes and that list would even be longer if the US,a security council member with veto power wasn’t the puppet it is now for Israeli interest.
The Israeli record on UN resolutions over that same period is far worse. With full US support for its actions, it’s flagrantly and with little or no pretense routinely ignored over five dozen UN Resolutions condemning or censuring it for its actions against the Palestinians or other Arab people, deploring it for committing them, or demanding, calling on or urging the Jewish state to end them. Israel never did or intends to up to the present, including the mass slaughter and destruction it’s now inflicting on the people of Lebanon and the Palestinians in their Territories that Israel illegally occupies and attacks whenever it wishes. It does so with impunity using any contrived pretext it can get away with to deny the Palestinians any chance ever for a viable sovereign independent state and to avoid a political solution with them it won’t ever tolerate.


But you won’t hear any outcry from the zionists and dominionists living in this country.

They support israel unquestiongly because of their ignorant beliefs in ‘end times’.

Damn good question…. we should be blowing them up into smitherens like the Cons agree is OK with Iraq….. wait, hold on…. they don’t have any oil and they DO own America… sorry.

For those who question the wikipedia source


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