Have you ever thought about traveling the world with all your contacts, solving mysteries and fighting crime?

I love the idea, but I think it would be even more fun if we created mysteries and committed crimes.

I personally think it can be solved. I believe that this is all happening for a reason, and some day, the world will be in peace. The biggest problem is that a lot of people think all Israelites and Arabs are Muslim and Jews. I must say that is not the case. I also wish to say, the religion is an excuse, and it is only a fight over the land. I have man friends who are Arab Muslims, and I am Jewish. We get along fine. They believe as I do that our generation will be a knew, and the conflict will stop.

I am the mystery, and I influence all crime! You nor any contact could ever solve me, not with your human brains and logic. No man, men, or Army could ever fight me, I am the single equivelant to the vietnam war. No victor for either side, just death.

But as far as just the traveling part I guess yea that would be kinda cool to hang out and tour with some of my contatcs… we all get along, we all are funny, I enjoy them and there conversations and I can only assume some kinda origies would happen on a regular bases while traveling around the world. So yea.. sounds cool im donw for jokes and fvcking… and then maybe some jokes about fvcking.

That would be only 13 people. Could we really fight crime and not get killed? But, that would be insanely cool to do. We could all create GIANT paper airplanes and travel over NYC and look at all the colorful signs.
Then we could get doughnuts and then we could throw potatoes at the unsuspecting villans and force feed them carrots and 5 dollar bills!
We’d be the best crime fighters ever.
And for the mysteries, we could get a clue game and sit around on top of a building and throw the game pieces of the people we think did it! Then we could force-feed them raw asparagus until they admit what they did!
“Okay! I admit it, I was the one who put a french-fry in the recycling bin!” We’d be the best evar! (yes, I know that the tru spelling is ever)

You know…the weirdest thing about this is that I have had this exact conversation with at least 3 contacts. So..indeed, I have thought about it.
I already have a passport (thankyou very much Wild1) and think travelling with a group of contacts would be bliss. I can’t imagine all the trouble we would all get into..Never mind all the illegitimate children that would come out of such a situation….

I want us to be super heros and have super posers…like mine wuld be the pout. I have an amazing pout with much lip stamina. Can we wear capes? And, i want us to have a cool them song we’ll play whenever we enter anywhere (like say, and Arbys).

Are you thinking more along the lines of Scooby Doo, or the A-Team? Because if you want to do Scooby Doo, I have a pretty smart dog. She doesn’t talk, but she’s smart nonetheless. If you want to do it A-Team style, then you should know that I’m pretty good at building things.

No. My contacts would end up

1. Lost
2. Creating mysteries
3. Committing crime

i have thought about, but i didnt think any of my Contacts (u being one) could ever get Passports or Visa’s…most dont even have ID’s and the other half are in Prison~

no I have though that we could all sit in lawn chairs out in front of the market and throw peas and broccoli at everyone who enters the store

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