Is he ready to settle down?

My boyfriend of 3 years just bought us a house and wants me to move in with him. He bought a 4 bedroom house and I thought, why do we need a 4 bedroom house. My friends told me it may be because he’s thinking about our future. We have no kids and this is something he’s been hoping for since we met. I’ve…

unless hes planning to have a lot of guests stay- hes ready, its usually good to move in before a marriage or engagement to get a chance at living with eachother before you actually do it (to discover your strengths and weaknessed in a relationship type of thing)
if you both feel like this is the right thing to do, dont be scared! take a chance while you have it, as long as you feel like your doing what you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to

but remember that all men are different. who knows, the best thing to do in a situation like this would be to talk to him about it. when its a good time, something like “hey you wanna get hitched and have kids?” might freak him out. instead let him know that you dont feel comftorable living with him without knowing where you stand- let him know that you want to be aware of his plans, how long does he want to live with you before you get married ? or more importantly does he ever want to get married? the best thing to do would just be to talk to him about it

i hope this helps (:

Well I wanna say that you have a pretty good guy, and he must care about the future because a 4 bedroom house is more for a family. Moving in before marriage is nothing. If I were you I would move in with him, and I do not think its an excuse to not get married. If my GF moved in with me, that would be great! But I think its more of a love thing. He loves you enough that he wants you to move in with him.

And finally I am not sure on if hes ready to settle down. That I cannot answer, sorry.

Seeing how u have been together for 3 years, he probably wants to settle down. But this is not bad u can move in and see how things workout. He bought a house and wants you to live with him so that’s one way of saying he’s committed to you or else he would not have you move in if he was not committed to you. And until u get married and have kids you can have those extra rooms for whatever you desire right now. Hope this helps. good luck.

hmm that is tough. why not just sit him down and talk to him personally about this? You guys have been together 3 years,you should be able to ask him something and get an honest answer. Just ask him seriously if he is ready to settle down and if he ever plans on marrying you. You deserve the truth before moving in with him

Tough one. I’d be so tempted to move in with him and it might be a good idea to live together before committing. Also it’s a plus because you can share bills and with the economy the way it is today that would help both of you to save for the future. Just lay some ground rules on both your ends before making the move in together, if you do decide that. Good Luck to you.

Yeah you are right he is already to settle down. However, the idea of moving in without getting married first is not a good idea. Why don’t you ask him about it first. Like, “Aren’t we getting married first before I move in?” Just try, there’s nothing wrong from asking.

You should tell him that you would want to wait until after the marriage to move in together. That was an extremely caring he did by buying the house 🙂 Better safe than sorry 🙂 Hope this helps and good luck with your decision sweetie 🙂

look I’m a boy I’m not gay ok so yeah he’s possibly ready to settle down and you can wait married or move not but of all the things you when you move in but don’t take our advise it’s your life your love life and might mess it up with answer so do what you to do

If he really cares about you he’ll understand where you’re coming from. You should probably move in because he says he doesn’t want kids until marriage. So if he’s planning on children with you, most likely he’ll propose before he asks for children. Either way, living with him shouldn’t wreck a relationship.

yes he was to settle down with you bet should wait until you get marriage be for you have kids tell him how you feel hop it work

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