Is it sad to be a 25 year old virgin?

I’m 25 focused on school and have only dated two guys. I never really thought too much about sex. I was raised in a very mean yeah my sex drive is far from dead but it didn’t bother me much. But them I dated a guy that pushed for sex but I never gave in but on the day of my 25 birthday alone and sad I wish…

Not at all! Very rare in this World, and lovely. Hold out for Mr Right or nearly Mr Right at least! Don`t go with just anyone, please?!!

I lost mine with my first Love. I didn`t end up marrying him but at least we were in love at the time!
I have no regrets and glad i waited, as its not a comfortable thing to lose!

You will be glad, one day, when you meet `the one`. Good on ya!!!

i do no longer think of that that would desire to be your first subject. besides, it truly is probably no longer a concern. there is not any longer something incorrect with being a virgin. attempt to concentration on improving your occupation which i understand is way less stressful reported than accomplished, yet there is night instructions and online stages and such that would desire to help out. and you additionally could make some acquaintances in instructions too. additionally, volunteering for a worth clarification on your picking might help alleviate a number of your concerns besides. don’t be discouraged and think of that there is an age the place you’re a loser in case you haven’t any longer accomplished something yet. do no longer attempt to stay as much as society’s standards in that area. basically be you and don’t provide up. Persevere and which will attraction to human beings. superb of excellent fortune to you.

Don’t just sleep with anyone, you should wait for the right person. Your first time should be special whether your 17 or 25.

No, wait for the right person! Sex means nothing without love. Trust me, when you find the right person, it will be soo much better. Don’t just do it with anyone.

good for you 🙂
i am 23 and i waited til i found a guy i was comfortable wit,
guys might make you feel like a princesss just for sex but don’t just have sex to get it over wit,
wait for a guy you love and who says he loves you after sex not just before it,

if you just do it for the sake of it you won’t enjoy it

wait for the right person. and the right time. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 60. I’m 65 now.

Its cool to wait til marriage don’t give up

I’ll go have sex with you

no im waitin til mariage. and if u dont ur stupid

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