Places as baby names? yes or no?


Lately I have been thinking about some places as names for a baby The names I like are

Also, what about the name Caspian for a boy?

I love place names in theory, but would only use ones that had specific meaning to me. I like your names, especially Cambria and Ireland, but I think that a kid named ‘Mali’ would be called “Molly” all the time.

I also like:
Moravia (a region in the Czech Republic)
Asmara (capital of Eritrea)
Netanya (in Israel)

Elat (in Israel)

And I like Caspian! It reminds me of Prince Caspian, from Narnia.

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I had difficulty picking a name. One thing that I did was once I had my list of names I would think about how the name would suit him as a child and as an adult. One name I really liked was Ryder, which I loved for a little boy, but I couldn’t imagine a 35 year old man named Ryder. Try thinking about how you would react meeting someone named London or Kenya or Caspian.
Just keep in mind that it is YOUR child and as long as you like the name it shouldn’t matter what other people think.

Well… What sort of Gender is he/she? Boy Suggestions: Austin – A Place in Texas Paul – Short Name for “Poland” Girl Suggestions: Victoria – State for Australia Russia – Country Madison – From “Madison Square Gardens” Paris – Country Those Are Some Good Ones, Hope I Helped!

I have a son named Austin. It’s a good name and I am also a huge Texas Longhorns fan! So everything worked out for the best.

I also have a sister named Virginia, which I think is a very beautiful name.

hmmm . . i like some of those names. i love the idea of naming a child after a place.
one of my friends named her baby boy Jardine – after the river which he was conceived near 🙂
there are so many names to choose from if you are looking for ‘place’ names . . .
Brooklyn . . . Phoenix . . . London . . . LOVE the name Kenya! . . .
Good luck with your little one 🙂 xoxox
ps, im not too keen on Caspian, but thats my opinion 🙂

I have a daughter named Skye….
I gave her a very normal middle name of Anna so that if she wanted to she can drop the Skye later on… something to think of if you want to give them an unusual name…

I like the name Caspian it is unusual

My top three are Ireland Kenya and India
Im not too sure on the spelling of Chyna and i dont like Caspian


Some place names are also names for people (India, Virginia, Carolina…) Most aren’t. And spelling them wrong makes it even worse.

London “cute”? It’s an enormous, busy, noisy city. Not “cute” in the slightest.

Some are cute, like London, Mali, or Caspian. The others are ridiculous, don’t do that to your child.

i find that i like some names that are also places around the world. I like Indiana, Sahara, Sienna (is that a place?)

Out of your names i like:

Caspian… yeah i spose.

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