URGENT! i cant connect to my wirless router?

Im with vigin bradband,

i got a new laptop 2day and i cant connect it to the router,
the laptop’s built in wirless and it can pick up the router just wont connect,

what should i do?


If you can “pick up” the router then I guess that means it is broadcasting its ID – you should be able to turn this off in the router for a little bit of extra security when you’re not trying to connect a new device (like now).

If it won’t connect then you’ve probably got some security enabled on the router – either WEP (rubbish) or WPA (good). Go to a computer already on the network, connect to the routers admin interface (usually by a web browser) and check what it is set to. Copy the WEP or WPA security key to your laptop.

You may also need to add the MAC ID of your laptops network card to an access list on the router. Again, do this in the router admin interface – the MAC ID may already be there in a list of known MAC IDs, and you can just enable access from it.

WEP is very weak security and can be cracked in seconds. WPA is very strong and secure if you use a long key, say, at least 16 random alphanumeric characters. *** USE WPA ***

Windows XP has a built in wireless connection configuration utility named Zero Config or ZCfg. All types of wireless adapters can be used with this built in utility however most of them are supplied along with a proprietary configuration utility that once installed, replaces the Windows utility and usually adds advanced features on top of the ones supported by Microsoft. For example, Intel card’s are supplied with the PROSet configuration utility that has a lot of advanced features, used mostly by corporates and IT shops. For most uses, those kind of utilities are not needed, and a driver only installation is sufficient, however it is up to you to decide. We are going to describe how to connect with the Windows utility.

Make sure the router is turned on. Reboot the computer with the wireless adapter and wait windows is done loading and the computer is idle. You should see an icon for the wireless network in the lower-right corner of your screen. Right-click the it and then click View Available Wireless Networks.
The Wireless Network Connection window should appear and you should see your wireless network listed with the network name you chose (SSID). If you don’t see your network, click Refresh network list. Click your network, and then click Connect.

Windows XP prompts you to enter a security key (only in case you configured the router with WEP or WPA security). Type the encryption key that you entered during the router configuration.

Windows XP will show its progress as it connects to your network. After you’re connected, you can now close the Wireless Network Connection window. You’re done.

If you want to verify the connection is successful, check that an IP address was assigned to the computer.Open a command window (Start, Run and type cmd.exe). In the black window that opens write: ipconfig and check that you got an IP address that doesn’t start with 169 or 0.

192.168.0.a million is a LAN handle, no longer an internet handle (same with any 192.168.x.x handle) seem contained in the handbook for username and password. Edit: forget approximately approximately the different solutions. it’s going to be notwithstanding the producer has set it to. 192.168.0.a million is a valid handle. once you open that internet-web page, you at the instant are not connecting to the internet. each thing you notice would be coming straight away from the router, and displayed on your browser. Edit2: yet another thought. You *are* related to the router with a cable are not you? some fashions have instant disabled until you go in and set all of it up.

Have you done the setup for your router? If so then just provide password for your new laptop so it can be connected. To set up your router you need to have a computer could be your laptop plug in with a network cable and manually do it, it could be hard so you might contact the provider, then they’ll tell you how to via they website i think. Good luck

Look under the base of your router, it’ll give you the username and password. normally username is virgin and password is password

Try connecting the ethernet cable to the 1st output of it but not to your computer.

(With Virgin it’s the blue wire)

Try resetting the router by poking a pin in the hole at the back if it has the capability to do so, uninstall the software and start again from scratch.

Make sure your wireless is switched onto your computer

plug your laptop in with a network cable. Go onto the router with the ip (mine is and see if you can connect. Make sure you have enabled the wireless function(maybe Fn and another button(mine is Fn and F1)).

Have you input your internet login details in the router?
Connect? as in connect to router or connect to the internet?
Use edit question to give these details if you could please

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