What group issued the fatwa against the British home secretary?

Police have launched an investigation after Muslim extremists issued a “fatwa” against Home Secretary Theresa May.

In the Daily star it says: Abu Bakr, 27, an adult learning teacher and spokesman for…

I doubt the BNP or the EDL had anything to do with this.
Just watch out for Muslims trying to pass the blame onto someone else like they did with 9/11.
But i wouldn’t hold if past the Jewish people of MAC.
Of course we all know MAC aren’t Muslims they’re Jews.

Terry’s sending his son to give a message on his behalf.
Lets wait and see if he gets banned as well.

So someone issues a fatwa against the home secretary and all of a sudden people jump to conclusions that it’s a death threat. Read the definition of the word below, where it states that it is rarely used as a death sentence.

Some people use the term to mean an Islamic death sentence imposed upon a person.[2] This is indeed one possibility among others (and is properly called a Haraam), but is a rare use for a fatwā. The term’s correct definition is broader, since a fatwā may concern any aspect of individual life, social norms, religion, war, peace, Jihad and politics. Most Islamic opinions (millions of fatwā have been issued over the 1,400 year history of Islam) likely deal with issues faced by Muslims in their daily life, such as the customs of marriage, financial affairs, female circumcision or moral questions. They are issued in response to questions by ordinary Muslims, and go unnoticed by those not concerned, while the much smaller number of fatwā issued on controversial subjects such as war, Jihad, Dhmimmis, particularly by extremist preachers, sometimes get wide coverage in the media because of their political content (see examples below).

A fatwā is not automatically part of Islamic teachings. While the person issuing it may intend to represent the teachings of Islam accurately, this does not mean that that person’s interpretation will gain universal acceptance. There are many divergent schools within the religion, and even people within the same current of thought will sometimes rule differently on a difficult issue. This means that there are numerous contradictory fatwā, prescribing or proscribing a certain behavior. This puts the burden of choice on the individual Muslim, who, in case of conflict, will be forced to decide whose opinion is more likely to be correct. On the other hand, some fatwās are considered absolute

I think it was a joke gone too far. It was in the Daily Mail so I doubt it was even true to begin with and was probably something minor like drawing her attention to how people are being branded and imprisoned without any sort of trial IN THE BRITISH SYSTEM.

Something the British and others are only too happy to point out in other countries.

The real facts are unknown so wait for more details and say hi to that squinty eyed gnome Nick Griffin for me. Tell him I’ve still the place by my pond he can sit at if he really want’s to help out a White man instead of just talking about it.

I think it was jed edward – hopefully.

Has that nutter ‘preacher’ from the US issued a death threat (fatwa) to the Home secretary?

Probably the nutcases in the BNP.

Possibly nick griffin. (well he`s fat enough to be a group)

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