What is your opinion on President Obama launching “African-Americans for Obama”?


8,424 dislikes

Same way I felt when Bush tried to pull the “Hispanics for Obama” rouse


Didn’t give a PHUCK.

I don’t think it’s necessary. Almost all African-
Americans voted for him the first time, and with
the White Liberals, they put him in office. So,
why bother with the launch?

Strange that a man without a drop of slave blood in his body, whose ancestors on his fathers side were slave traders and on his mothers side were slave owners, thinks that he can hitch a ride upon the backs of those whose ancestors suffered through the atrocities of slavery, just because of his skin pigmentation.

Hater Police,
I guess the point made is beyond your grasp.

Obama’s Amerika: Inciting A Race & Class War To Achieve Dictatorship

The key tactic in every Marxist/Socialist revolution towards the establishment of totalitarian regimes and dictatorships, is to capitalize on or create economic misery and desperation among their constituencies in order to use them as a weapon against their political opposition. When the pain becomes prevalent and demagoguery has sufficiently painted the targets of blame they want their constituencies to attack – they will instigate violence and upheaval by proxy against those they want eliminated.

Mussolini had his Blackshirts, Hitler used his Brownshirts and Mao had his devoted Red Guard as the tools used to stoke street violence. They were devoted groups that incited larger mob actions that opportunists were all-too-happy to join in to inflict death and damage upon the targets these tools directed their rage. Bloodshed and violence then becomes the catalyst for enough of the populace to surrender what little liberty they have left for an iron-fisted political savior to brutally put down the chaos and restore “normalcy”.

This is the template that is taught and always followed by Marxists and the Fabian Socialists who are working tirelessly to ‘transform the world’ into their twisted utopian dream. This blueprint is never deviated from – only enhanced and modified to bring about more subtle approaches so as to deceive the masses of where the Left intends to take them. For example, they no longer have to wait for the perfect conditions to arise, for an opportune moment to establish totalitarian rule as in times past. Today, they can create the actual conditions that are causing the economic collapse that they will capitalize on.

Cause the problem. Spread the misery. Blame your targets for the misery. Incite chaos and violence. Brutally put down those they have blamed for the chaos, criminalize them, execute them. Establish absolute power from within. It’s that simple. It’s that devious. Satan is not too original, he sticks to what works.

Usually by the time the majority wake up to recognize what has been done to them, it is too late to stop the tyrants from achieving their goals upon the people they seek to destroy. Eventually the useful idiots themselves are dispatched in the same manner by the regime they put into power once total control has been accomplished.

Force Marched Into Tyranny
Given the lessons of history, it is clear to this author that America is being forced marched into a Marxist tyranny by the Obama regime and his party. The key aspect of it’s insidiousness has now arisen exactly as I just outlined from the historical record; the demonization of their political enemies so as to incite violence against the white, middle class/rich that Obama and his Democrat Socialists, race and poverty pimps have declared the “enemy”.

Recall that one of the tenets of the political church Obama attended in Chicago for 20 years, was to eschew ‘white middle classness‘ in favor of Black Liberation theology. That the race and poverty pimps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson stoke this same racial/class boilerplate does not need citation.

Indeed the entirety of the ruling class holds the white, conservative middle class constituency in contempt – and would work to see it subjugated or annihilated by economic, political and/or police action. That they seek to deny liberty to anyone but themselves is self-evident, for they now actively work to silence their opposition.
As economic misery spreads and this regime and it’s sycophants continue to castigate ‘the rich’, ‘the TEA Party’, Conservatives and the rest of Former America as a domestic terror enemy, the Obama faithful understands whom this regime has targeted as an evil needing to be ‘gotten even with’. No, the Ruling Class is not simply expressing frustration by those ‘terrorist’ declarations. Those declarations are deliberate. They seek to sow the ground for the conflagration they hope to ignite. Make no mistake, they hate Conservative America with an ideological passion unrivaled in this country and they seek for the rest of the country to adopt their loathing hatred so they will move against them or turn a blind eye when institutionalized pograms and persecution are set upon them.

As long as they make “White-Americans for Romney, Gingrich, etc.”

The same thing I think of Women for Obama, Vets for Obama, etc. Makes no difference to me.

YB Logical: You realize African American refers to Americans of African descent…right? Obama’s father was Kenyan. Kenya is in AFRICA. See how it works? Glad I could help!

Obama is so lucky because he can also use his white side to open a site called “Whites for Obama.”

I was gonna make Obama a shyt sandwich but I completely forgot he doesn’t like bread………………

there’s alot of conservatives searching for Obama on youtube

Now all he has to do is launch “Illegal aliens for 0bama” and he’ll have his entire voting base covered

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